Intense crackdown on journalists in Djibouti
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In addition to illegally detaining him, Djiboutian authorities searched journalist Charmarke Saïd Darar’s home and hacked into his Facebook account.

Link to: Independent radio station’s web editor harassed by authorities in Djibouti

“The charges against Maydaneh Abdallah Okieh are without foundation and amount to nothing less than harassment on the part of the Djibouti authorities against a stalwart of the first free and critical radio station in Djibouti’s history,” said Virginie Dangles the deputy programme director of RSF.

Link to: Journalist covering women’s protest arrested in Djibouti suburb

Mohamed Ibrahim Waiss was arrested while covering a protest staged by Mothers in Buldhuqo. The group was calling for the government to honour its promise to provide them with building plots in another neighbourhood.