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27 July 2012 |

For journalists, danger lurking in your e-mail

Citizen Lab has provided a disturbing look into the use of a program to remotely invade and control the computers of Bahraini activists.
6 July 2012 |

UN Human Rights Council condemns abuses in Eritrea, Belarus

However, the rights body stopped short of recommending the Syria situation be referred to the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch noted.
4 July 2012 |

European Parliament rejects ACTA

"By rejecting ACTA, the European Parliament has opened the door to a truly open and participatory policy-making process. We can now hope that fundamental rights will be at the heart of European copyright reform”, says ARTICLE 19.
27 June 2012 |

Rights groups disappointed by Rio+20 document

ARTICLE 19 criticised world leaders for not making firm commitments on access to information and public participation, but applauded their recognition of overall human rights and transparency.
16 May 2012 |

A "to do" list for internet freedom

Countries such as China, Ethiopia, South Korea, Russia and Thailand need to challenge and change specific laws and practices that restrict internet freedom, says Freedom House.
23 April 2012 |

Deadly Week for Journalists Across the Globe

Deadly Week for Journalists Across the Globe
7 March 2012 |

Human rights council urged to recognise role of free expression in protecting rights of LGBT persons

ARTICLE 19 calls on member states of the HRC to insist on the full enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression by LGBT persons, including the right to receive and impart information and ideas concerning sexual orientation and gender identity.
1 March 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 welcomes Internet free expression debate

"Any regulation of freedom of expression on the Internet must be guided by international standards," says ARTICLE 19.
16 February 2012 |

RSF concerned about Google's new country-redirect service on Blogger

RSF expresses concern that countries that use censorship tactics will be more likely to request the removal of controversial blogs, and therefore limit citizens' access to information.
27 January 2012 |

Twitter urged not to cooperate with censors

RSF is deeply concerned by the announcement that Twitter will introduce geolocated censorship – censorship varying according to the social network user’s country location.

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