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7 May 2012 |

Media freedom in the spotlight "as rarely before", says Index on Censorship

The last year has seen tumultuous shifts for media freedom. But core problems still remain in the world’s troublespots, says Index on Censorship's news editor, Padraig Reidy.
4 May 2012 |

CRNI pays tribute to editorial cartoonists on World Press Freedom Day

CRNI pays tribute to editorial cartoonists on World Press Freedom Day
One of the most troubling trends today in many countries is the use of technological advancements to imprison for long terms not only cartoonists, but also non-media individuals who do nothing more than post a cartoon on a blog or Facebook page, says CRNI.
4 May 2012 |

IPI marks World Press Freedom Day 2012

Executive Director Alison Bethel McKenzie issued a statement to commemorate the day.
3 May 2012 |

Bangladeshi and Tibetan bloggers win Best of Blog "RSF category" awards

Bangladeshi journalist Abu Sufian's blog is the jury choice in the "RSF category" of this year's BOBs.
3 May 2012 |

Every five days, a journalist is killed: RSF

Every five days, a journalist is killed: RSF To mark World Press Freedom Day, RSF has also named new six members to its infamous list of press freedom predators.
3 May 2012 |

Reporters targeted in record numbers and brutal ways

The current treaties, action plans and standards to protect journalists aren't working, says IPI. It's time we looked at other means to keep our reporters safe.
3 May 2012 |

IFJ marks World Press Freedom Day by calling for release of jailed journalists

"We are witnessing unprecedented levels of criminal litigation against journalists in many countries. Governments must repeal criminal defamation laws and review anti-terror laws, which represent a major obstacle to genuine press freedom,” said IFJ.
3 May 2012 |

Make a free press the "headline for democratic transition"

WAN-IFRA releases exclusive interviews, photos and materials about the importance of press freedom and the risks facing professional and citizen journalists.
2 May 2012 |

PEN International celebrates rights of all citizens to access information and truth

PEN International celebrates rights of all citizens to access information and truth These rights are persistently denied by repressive regimes often in collusion, implicit or otherwise, with powerful non-state players.
26 April 2012 |

Mitigating risks to report safely, CPJ launches Journalist Security Guide

The interactive guide covers topics such as protecting digital information, preparing for armed conflict, covering organised crime and corruption, and mitigating the risk of sexual violence.
25 April 2012 |

Media Rights Agenda welcomes UN plan for journalists' safety

The plan, which is promoted by UNESCO, calls for governments and inter-governmental agencies to create a free and safe environment for media workers in both conflict and non-conflict zones.
13 April 2012 |

PEN awards top prize to jailed journalist Eskinder Nega

Nega, who was arrested in September 2011, is being tried under the country's sweeping anti-terror legislation and faces the death penalty if convicted.
9 April 2012 |

Journalists provide global prescription for fighting violence and impunity

The participants pointed to cases in Mexico, Pakistan and Russia to highlight the urgent need for effective government measures to protect journalists worldwide.
23 March 2012 |

On the 36th anniversary of the ICCPR, an opportunity to protect free speech

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights imposes legally binding obligations on states to respect a number of human rights, including the right to freedom of expression.
15 March 2012 |

RSF keeps UNESCO consultative status, condemns defamatory attacks

In a recent UNESCO executive council meeting, several countries blocked RSF's promotion to associate NGO status and accused the organisation of "spying" and "activities on behalf of the US government" – accusations that RSF says are typical of repressive regimes and their supporters.
13 March 2012 |

Syrian citizen journalists and activists awarded Google-sponsored RSF Netizen Prize

Syrian citizen journalists and activists awarded Google-sponsored RSF Netizen Prize Nominees came from around the globe at the ceremony, from Russia to Syria to Brazil, China and beyond, a geographic diversity that reflects the growing impact of the Net.
12 March 2012 |

In honour of World Day against Cyber-Censorship, RSF releases new list of internet enemies

Bahrain and Belarus have been added to the "Enemies of the Internet" category, and India and Kazakhstan have been classified as "countries under surveillance."
1 March 2012 |

Golden Pen of Freedom awarded to Anabel Hernández

The Mexican journalist and writer said she was driven to focus on investigative journalism after the kidnapping and murder of her father in December 2000. Police investigators told the family that they were only willing to investigate the crime if the family paid them.
28 February 2012 |

RSF supports demand to open detention centres to the media

RSF has joined a campaign - launched by European Alternatives and Migreurop - aimed at claiming the right of citizens to know what happens in centres where migrants are held.
13 February 2012 |

AMARC celebrates first World Radio Day

The day's goals are to raise awareness about the value of radio and encourage the development of sustainable community radio as a voice for marginalized members of society.

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