Iraqi media technician and journalist killed in separate attacks

This article is more than 5 years old

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Justice for Iraq’s murdered and forcibly disappeared voices

Since the start of anti-government protests in October 2019, dozens of Iraqi activists, journalists, and civil society members have been killed or forcibly disappeared, while their perpetrators roam free. To mark this year’s International Human Rights Day, rights groups call for an end to impunity, and the release of those arbitrarily held for their free speech or peaceful assembly.

Iraq: Vague cybercrime bill threatens free expression

According to Human Rights Watch, a cybercrimes bill being considered by Iraqi parliament could be used to stifle free expression, giving authorities yet another tool to suppress dissent in an already shrinking civic space.

Iraq: Women activists and children targeted on the protest front lines

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights calls on Iraqi authorities to stop targeting peaceful demonstrators, especially women and children who have been playing a prominent role in anti-government protests.