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3 May 2012 |

World Press Freedom Day: an occasion to defend freedom of expression

For Palestinian journalists, the day highlights the daily challenges they face, with increasing violations against media freedoms by the Israeli forces and Palestinian parties in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
20 March 2012 |

IPI expresses support for journalist facing seven years in prison

Uri Blau faces charges under the country’s Espionage Act and seven years in prison over articles he wrote for the newspaper Haaretz using classified military documents passed to him by an Israeli conscript in 2009.
30 August 2011 |

Israeli and Palestinian journalists forum calls for press freedom ahead of possible UN recognition of Palestine

In a joint open letter, the forum stated that journalists must be kept safe so that the public in Israel and the Palestinian Territories have access to news from all sides, and to a wide array of political opinion.
9 August 2011 |

MADA launches campaigns calling for end to attacks on press freedom

MADA launches campaigns calling for end to attacks on press freedom Campaigns launched by MADA call for a halt to Israeli attacks on press freedom, as well as an end to the influence Palestinian internal political divisions have on the media.
10 June 2010 |

As Turkish photographer is buried, other journalists aboard flotilla speak out

Journalists who were aboard the humanitarian flotilla that was intercepted by Israeli naval commandos recounted their experiences.
9 June 2010 |

Interview with flotilla journalist

Muna Shester of the Kuwait News Agency spoke to RSF about the raid.
21 May 2010 |

CIHRS, BCHR and 22 other organisations demand the release of human rights defender Ameer Makhoul

Israeli authorities should stop silencing defenders of the rights of Arab Israelis, the organisations stressed.

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