Direct and indirect suppression of speech, books, music and other materials considered morally, politically or otherwise objectionable.

1966 articles
Link to: Court bans access to Google Sites website

A court in Denizli has banned access to Google Sites, a site which allows users to create their own websites.

Link to: News agency website targeted by hacker attacks

The Malakava news agency website has systematically been the target of hackers, who “edit” texts or “break” their website.

Link to: Journalists and media attacked, threatened in wake of coup d’état

IAPA condemns limitations placed on news media and journalists following the ousting of President Manuel Zelaya.

Link to: IFJ welcomes lifting of ban on newspaper

IFJ has welcomed the decision to lift the ban on the Arabic version of the “Gulf News” newspaper.

Link to: IAPA criticises shutdown of radio station

IAPA has criticised the shutdown of a radio station just as it was about to initiate broadcasting and claimed excessive force was used in the confiscation of its equipment.

Link to: YouTube blocks “El Universal” from its site following allegations of plagiarism

YouTube suspended “El Universal” from its website after the National Action Party complained that the newspaper had published allegations that the party had plagiarized a campaign advertisement.

Link to: Radio station resumes operations

Court orders police off a radio station, allowing it to go back on air.

Link to: Kurdish newspaper receives two-month publication ban

An Istanbul court has convicted the daily newspaper “Günlük” of “spreading PKK propaganda” in two issues of the paper.

Link to: Journalist prevented from covering protest in support of RCTV; cameraman attacked, videotape stolen

Demonstrators who were demanding the restitution of RCTV station’s open signal, prevented journalist Siary Rodríguez, from covering the protest.

Link to: Radio programme cancelled, allegedly due to political pressure

Manuel España, a teacher and presenter of the programme “Voz de la Enseñanza”, reported that his show was cancelled due to political pressure.

Link to: Culture Ministry confiscates book following criticisms

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said today that it is strongly concerned with the decision of the Syrian Ministry of Culture to confiscate a book entitled “Syria in the Russian flights during the nineteenth century”.

Link to: Pro-reform daily closed one day after publishing first issue in five years

The issue which “Yas-e-no” had managed to publish on 16 May, after a five-year legal battle, openly supported Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the presidential candidate backed by the Participation Front.

Link to: Radio station shut down, staff arrested following election coverage

Reporters Without Borders expressed its concern after the 19 May 2009 closure of privately owned opposition radio station Joy Radio and the arrest of four staff members, two of them journalists, accused of breaking election rules

Link to: Security authorities confiscate book about corruption

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) reports that the Egyptian security authorities have confiscated a book entitled “A Flood of Corruption and the Advance of bin Laden in Algeria” by the Algerian writer, Anwar Malek.

Link to: Radio presenter forced off air on orders of local mayor

José Manuel Díaz Barrios, a journalist for the programme “Tribuna Educativa”, reported that the mayor of Ariguaní forced him off the air because of reports the journalist had aired on corruption, poor management of the educational system and problems with providing public services in the municipality.

Link to: Government-run NBT TV goes off air following shutdown of opposition DTV

Government-run NBT TV station in Khon Kaen province in the country’s northeast region was forced to stop airing its programs after numerous Red Shirts demonstrated in front of the station on 13 April.