Direct and indirect suppression of speech, books, music and other materials considered morally, politically or otherwise objectionable.

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Peruvian court convicts author, publication director on defamation charges for book on politician

Peruvian authorities should not contest journalist Christopher Acosta and Penguin Random House Peru director Jerónimo Pimentel’s appeal of a recent criminal defamation conviction and should stop using criminal defamation laws against members of the press.

Bahrain: Request for support to free imprisoned human rights defender Dr Abduljalil AlSingace, on hunger strike since July 2021

Rights groups call for the immediate release of Dr. AlSingace, and all others imprisoned for exercising their right to free expression.

Indonesia: Covid-19 response overshadows rights

According to a Human Rights Watch report, the basic rights of religious minorities, women and girls, and LGBTQI+ communities in Indonesia continued to come under attack during 2021 with little government response.

Sixteen organisations reiterate their support for Carole Cadwalladr as she faces SLAPP trial

“When this lawsuit was filed more than two years ago, several organisations came together to call this legal action out as a SLAPP, aimed at intimidating and silencing Cadwalladr. We today reaffirm this characterisation and unreservedly reiterate our support for Cadwalladr as she continues to defend her public interest work,” the organisations, including IFEX, said.

Nearly 130 public interest organizations and experts urge United Nations to include human rights safeguards in proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty

IFEX has signed on to a joint letter to the UN calling for robust civil society participation throughout all stages of the development and drafting of a Cybercrime Convention, and stressing that any proposed convention must include human rights safeguards applicable to both its substantive and procedural provisions.

Unjust sentences in Egypt, and states of heightened surveillance

December 2021 in Middle East and North Africa: A free expression roundup produced by IFEX’s Regional Editor Naseem Tarawnah, based on IFEX member reports and news from the region.

Reporters Without Borders refers attacks on journalists in Kazakhstan to UN and OSCE

“There is an urgent need for the international community to react. This is why we have decided to refer this dangerous deterioration in press freedom to the UN and OSCE.”

Journalists at the Beijing Winter Olympics may test China’s tolerance for critical coverage

Steven Butler writes about the challenges and difficulties that journalists may encounter in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Argentine court orders journalist Santiago O’Donnell to turn over interviews of former president’s brother

O’Donnell, who wrote a 2020 book based on interviews with Mariano Macri, the brother of former President Mauricio Macri, has faced a court order since early 2021 to surrender recordings of his interviews.

CPJ welcomes El Salvador’s acceptance of 2 journalists expelled from Cuba

Salvadoran authorities should continue providing support to Cuban journalists Esteban Rodríguez and Héctor Luis Valdés, and Cuban authorities should cease forcing journalists into exile.

Kazakhstan: Journalists targeted by authorities and rioters

IFEX member Adil Soz has compiled a non-exhaustive, chronological list of journalists who found themselves targeted by both rioters and police during the general unrest that has spread across the country.

Iran: PEN International calls for investigation over Baktash Abtin’s tragic death and warns Reza Khandan is at risk

“Abtin’s death stands a clear reminder of the colossal risks faced by independent writers in Iran and the paramount need to free all writers unjustly imprisoned because of their writings.”

Latin Americans’ digital rights in 2021

December 2021 in the Americas: A free expression round up produced by IFEX’s Regional Editor Paula Martins, based on IFEX member reports and news from the region.

Surveillance, censorship, and violations: the state of Palestinian digital rights in 2021

The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media (7amleh) documented 1,033 violations of Palestinian digital rights on social media platforms last year.

Egypt: In the absence of the bare minimum of the rule of law and respect for human rights, ANHRI decides to suspend its activities

After 18 years of tireless work in defending human rights and the right to free expression, IFEX member the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) suspends its activities.

At the end of a year full of challenges, Africa loses two stalwart rights defenders

December 2021 in Africa: A free expression round up produced by IFEX’s Regional Editor Reyhana Masters, based on IFEX member reports and news from the region.