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Free expression online: a blogger is silenced, a website is blocked, your privacy is compromised.

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Link to: Blogger, cleared once, is convicted anew

“This sentence was issued through a twisted legal path and reveals an invisible hand manipulating the case,” says CPJ.

Link to: Blogger arrested just three days after completing jail term

Sources said the pretext for detaining Le Thi Cong Nhan was to prevent her from meeting with a foreign journalist.

Link to: Authorities close case against blogger Ahmed Mostafa

“This issue should not have been referred to the court in the first place,” says ANHRI.

Link to: Blogger tried in military court

Blogger Ahmed Mostafa was court-martialled for allegedly publishing false information about the military establishment.

Link to: Website suffers hacker attack after posting interview with murdered rights activist

Soon after publishing the last interview given by murdered rights activist Natalya Estemirova, the Ingushetiyaru website was rendered inoperable by a hacker attack.

Link to: Blogger Boubaker Al-Yadib sentenced to six months in prison

The blogger was sentenced for “degradation of state property”, “threatening a public official” and “participation in an illegal demonstration”.

Link to: Dissident journalist arrested in Holguín

Journalist Juan Carlos Reyes Ocaña is facing charges of “insult”, “disobedience” and “illegal economic activity”.

Link to: Two bloggers face possible death penalty

Mehrdad Rahimi and Kouhyar Goudarzi have been accused of wanting to wage “a war against God” as the authorities begin executing “Mohareb.”

Link to: Detained PEN officer Zhao Shiying released; new cyber attack targets Independent Chinese PEN Center

Writer Zhao Shiying was allowed to return home after nearly two weeks in police custody.

Link to: Anchor pressured, more writers jailed as Iran continues crackdown

Authorities have arrested at least six more journalists, upheld a long prison sentence against another and barred a television anchor from returning to work.

Link to: Jail sentences for blogger and Internet café owner

A court in Guelmim sentenced El Bachir Hazzam and Abdullah Boukfou for circulating information about a heavy-handed crackdown on student protests.

Link to: Tehran prosecutor turns on conservative news websites; blogger sentenced to six years in prison

Blogger Mohammad Pour Abdullah was sentenced on charges of “anti-government publicity” and “activities against national security”.

Link to: King asked to pardon Internet users prosecuted on lese majeste and national security charges

“By agreeing to this request, the king would show the entire world that he respects freedom of expression,” said RSF.

Link to: Two journalists arrested as intimidation continues

The latest victims are journalist Tahereh Riahai, who was arrested in Tehran, and Farhad Sharfai, a blogger arrested in Khoramabad.

Link to: Five journalists convicted, another arrested and one released

“Despite clear condemnation from the United Nations, the Iranian authorities continue to torture journalists and try them without any transparency, behind closed doors,” RSF said.

Link to: Website founder jailed for three years

IFJ condemns the sentence imposed on cyber-dissident Huang Qi by the Court of Wuhou in China’s Sichuan Province.