Joint call condemning the Belarusian regime’s raids on journalists and human rights activists

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Hundreds of Belarusian people living in Krakow gathered during a Solidarity Rally against the Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

Repression and resistance in Belarus: A monthly chronology

A monthly chronology of repression and resistance in Belarus, based on the work of IFEX members and other international and domestic actors.

IPI calls for stronger safeguards to prevent misuse of spyware against journalists

IPI calls for an end to the use of spyware against journalists in Europe, following revelations that seven more Russian and Belarusian journalists and activists in exile in Europe were targeted by Pegasus spyware.

Belarus’s widespread crackdown on human rights lawyers

Justice Ministry exercises full control over the legal profession; human rights lawyers face arrest, imprisonment, arbitrary revocation of licences and harassment.