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10 May 2012 |


25 April 2012 |

Publisher, journalist charged in State Security Court

The case is the fifth time in 2012 that peaceful critics have faced charges for speech offenses, a pattern that undermines the credibility of the authorities' reform efforts, Human Rights Watch said.
6 April 2012 |

Omani blogger threatened with deportation

Ammar Ma’amari, a blogger known for his criticism of the Omani authorities, has been asked by the Jordanian intelligence service to pack his bags in anticipation of a deportation order.
3 April 2012 |

Demonstrators beaten in custody

Thirteen people have been charged with speech crimes after police violently broke up a demonstration at a police station.
26 March 2012 |

Royal Court orders newspaper to remove critical article from website

The article, which was published in the al-Arab al-Yawm newspaper, was critical of unemployment, corruption, and the government's handling of recent protests in the city of al-Tafila.
15 March 2012 |

Four activists detained for criticising the king

Security services detained Saed al-Awran, Yasser al-Sabalyeh, Fady al-Ubaideen, and Majdy al-Kabaylee following their participation in a sit-in in al-Tafila district to demand job opportunities for the unemployed residents of the district.
27 February 2012 |

Activist charged, jailed after advocating for a republican state

In a media interview, Dr. Ahmad al-Oweidi al-‘Abbadi said that “[t]he republican system is coming here to Jordan, and I do not believe it will take more than two years, at most” to establish.
27 February 2012 |

Blogger stabbed after criticising royal family member

A man reportedly stabbed Enass Musallam in the stomach and threatened to kill her if she did not stop blogging about political reform in the country.
20 January 2012 |

Authorities urged to drop charges for "undermining royal dignity"

The military prosecutor has charged 18-year old activist 'Uday Abu 'Isa with "undermining his majesty’s dignity" for burning the king’s image on 11 January.
22 December 2011 |

British rights activist barred from entering country

Mohamed Jameel was inexplicably arrested and deported to Britain after arriving, along with his family, at the Queen Alia International Airport.
17 November 2011 |

ANHRI condemns attacks on media outlets, failure of security forces to provide protection

A group of protestors stormed Aljazeera's office in Amman one day after the headquarters of the Jordanian newspaper "Al-Ghad" were attacked.
28 September 2011 |

Parliament criminalises reporting on corruption

ANHRI is concerned that the new law will protect corrupt officials and penalise journalists who try to uncover it.
28 July 2011 |

Renewed threats against AFP bureau in Amman

"The protests against AFP in Amman have taken a disturbing turn, with the demonstrators using threats and violence," RSF said.
19 July 2011 |

CPJ calls on authorities to prevent attacks on journalists covering protests

On 15 July, security forces beat and injured 16 journalists in identifying orange vests during a demonstration and planned sit-in, including two who suffered broken bones.
28 June 2011 |

IFJ urges review of press law after minister's resignation

Former minister Taher Adwan said he opposed repressive laws being debated by Parliament and called for press freedom to enable credible political reforms.
22 June 2011 |

Offices of Agence France Presse attacked in Amman

Some 300 Jordanians demanded the bureau's closure after the release of a news report saying that the king's motorcade had been attacked during his visit to the southern governorate of Tafileh.
20 April 2011 |

CPJ condemns attack on news website

Six men raided the office of the Al-Muharrir website in Amman, threatening its staff and destroying equipment.
20 April 2011 |

Government urged to strengthen free expression on campus

The rights of students to free expression have been violated by intelligence officers and university administrations applying repressive regulations, Human Rights Watch says.
6 April 2011 |

Al-Jazeera staff threatened in Jordan; journalists detained and released in Syria

Yasser Abu Hilala, Al-Jazeera's Amman bureau chief, told CPJ that his office received death threats via telephone as well as on Facebook and email.
29 March 2011 |

Authorities urged to set independent inquiry in attacks on protesters

The investigation should include the security forces' failure to prevent violence by government supporters against protesters demanding reform, Human Rights Watch said.

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