Journalist detained, begins hunger strike; another arrested, questioned, his equipment seized; editor protests police raid on her home; trial of another detained journalist postponed

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CPJ presents its 2022 International Press Freedom Award to Cuban journalist Abraham Jiménez Enoa

Bestowing this year’s IPFA on Jiménez recognizes that Cuba remains one of the most challenging environments in the Americas for the press.

Report: Crackdown on protests creates rights crisis in Cuba

The report “Prison or Exile: Cuba’s Systematic Repression of July 2021 Demonstrators,” documents a wide range of human rights violations committed in the context of the protests, including arbitrary detention, abuse-ridden prosecutions, and torture.

After 11J: What’s next in the Cuban struggle for freedom

To mark the one-year anniversary of the J11 protests in Cuba, Freedom House interviews Alessandra Pinna, director of programs for the Latin America and Caribbean region, to discuss what Cubans are doing to secure a freer future and how the international community can help.