Journalist imprisoned over 1960s articles

This article is more than 20 years old

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Italy: Free expression groups call on politicians to take a stand against SLAPPs

“The use of SLAPPs is widespread in Italy. The legal tool most commonly employed to instigate SLAPP cases is defamation, both civil and criminal. However, the right to privacy and the right to be forgotten are also misused to prevent the disclosure of inconvenient information.”

Press groups call for investigation into threats made against Italian journalist Nello Scavo

Media freedom organisations call for a thorough investigation into threats made against Scavo by Neville Gafà, the former director of the office of the Maltese prime minister.

Italy should abolish prison sentences for criminal defamation convictions

On 9 June 2020, the Constitutional Court will hold a public hearing into criminal defamation legislation. Press freedom groups are urging the Court to abolish prison sentences as one crucial step towards reforming these laws.