Kazakh authorities must thoroughly investigate arson attack on journalist’s car

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Kazakhstan’s new mass media law threatens free speech and access to information

The new law imposes onerous registration requirements on online publications and gives the government power to interfere with the work of foreign journalists if their materials contain “propaganda of extremism.”

Prominence of Central Asian states on HRC is an opportunity for change

For the first time, three countries from Central Asia will be members of the UN HRC. Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan – each of which has serious human rights concerns – will join the other 44 members at this year’s opening session on 27 February.

Kazakhstan: Still no justice for January protest abuses

“Kazakh authorities are responsible for bringing to justice those responsible for the deaths and serious injuries of protesters, and crimes of torture in connection with the January events, but a year on, it’s clear that has not been their focus.”