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9 July 2012 |

Internally Displaced Persons Bill must advance the right to access information, says ARTICLE 19

(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) - Nairobi, 5 July 2012 - Today, ARTICLE 19 releases its legal analysis of the Internally Displaced Persons Bill for Kenya (“the Draft Bill”), welcoming the initiative to institutionalise protection and assistance for internally displaced persons (IDPs). The Draft Bill contains robust provisions to increase information flows to and from IDPs, but the effectiveness of protection and assistance to IDPs will depend on stronger safeguards for information rights, greater participation of IDPs in decision-making, and enhancing transparency.
11 May 2012 |

Journalist in western Kenya faces death threats

Joel Eshikumo said that unidentified callers had threatened him every night for a week, saying they would burn his house down and telling him to be prepared to die over the pictures he had taken in court.
13 April 2012 |

Two journalists threatened for their reporting

Both journalists told CPJ that unidentified men had been following them, which had forced them to hide in an undisclosed location.
23 March 2012 |

Police assault three journalists, detain one

At least 10 police officers in plainclothes surrounded "Daily Nation" reporter Suleiman Mbatiah, after he took photographs of an undercover traffic operation in Nakuru.
1 February 2012 |

WiPC interview with Robert Wanyonyi on witnessing and reporting on crime

Cathal Sheerin of the Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International interviewed the journalist about reporting on an alleged massacre carried out by local police officers and the repercussions of his work.
1 February 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 publishes analysis of Freedom of Information Bill

The draft bill is a positive step in the process of guaranteeing the right to access to information, but ARTICLE 19 encourages the government to amend several problematic sections before it is enacted.
13 December 2011 |

Journalist threatened for his reporting

Robert Wanyonyi received death threats after he reported on a melee between police and local villagers that left as many as seven people dead.
9 November 2011 |

Draft Data Protection Bill critically limited, says ARTICLE 19

ARTICLE 19 calls on the Constitution Implementation Commission to revise the bill to be in line with acceptable international standards on the right to freedom of expression and information.
7 October 2011 |

Freedom of expression standards should guide the fight against "counterfeit" mobile phones, says ARTICLE 19

In a country where mobile phones have enabled Kenyans to track the price of commodities, plan farming around the weather, or uncover corruption, a denial of service to as many as 20 per cent of mobile phones in the country would be a disproportionate response to the problem of counterfeit phones, argues ARTICLE 19.
13 September 2011 |

Charges against human rights defender dropped

Al-Amin Kimathi had been charged with terrorism, as well as murder and attempted murder, and was held in pre-trial detention for nearly a year.
13 September 2011 |

CPJ condemns break-in at "Nairobi Law Monthly"

Thieves broke into the magazine's second-story office, attacked two security guards with machetes and stole computers containing critical information for the magazine's October issue.
10 August 2011 |

Prison guards shoot camera operator, attack crew

Prison officials attacked three journalists from Nation Television who were covering an escape attempt by six inmates.
23 June 2011 |

Hospital staff said to attack journalist

Abdi Hassan Hussein told CPJ he had visited the hospital with three colleagues to investigate complaints from patients.
17 May 2011 |

Human rights investigator deported

The Clara Gutteridge case fits a trend of silencing critics of counterterrorism abuses, Human Rights Watch said.
18 February 2011 |

New media laws must meet international standard, ARTICLE 19 says

ARTICLE 19 launches two legal analyses on two important laws relating to media freedom: The 2010 Media Bill and the 2010 Independent Communications Commission Bill.
25 June 2010 |

ARTICLE 19 recommends amendments to "hate speech" laws and proposed constitution

The legal framework regulating hate speech falls short of international standards and raises serious concerns regarding the protection of the right to free expression, ARTICLE 19 said.
12 May 2010 |

Proposed constitution welcome but access to information must be implemented, says ARTICLE 19

Unlike the existing constitution, the proposed text contains separate sections for the Right to Freedom of Expression and the Right to Information.
1 March 2010 |

ARTICLE 19 recommends changes to new broadcasting regulation

ARTICLE 19 recognises a number of positive features in the regulations and welcomes the fact that the Ministry of Information and Communications adopted some of ARTICLE 19's previous recommendations.
11 January 2010 |

Government announces tough new media laws

The new laws have been announced despite an agreement reached with media owners in 2009.
23 December 2009 |

ARTICLE 19 analyses freedom of expression regime of Harmonised Draft Constitution

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the efforts to introduce a strong framework for freedom of expression, noting a number of positive aspects while at the same time outlining shortcomings.

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