Lebanon: Transparency needed to end corporal punishment of children
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A Lebanese woman tries to connect to the internet without success at a cafe in Beirut, 5 July 2012, JOSEPH EID/AFP/GettyImages

Muhal is SMEX’s ongoing, evidence-based campaign to document detentions and arrests related to online freedom of speech in Lebanon.

People watch an interview with Lebanon's resigned prime minister Saad Hariri at a coffee shop in Beirut, Lebanon, 12 November 2017, ANWAR AMRO/AFP/Getty Images

Lebanese authorities should do their utmost to identify and punish those responsible for the February 2 hand grenade attack on independent broadcaster Al-Jadeed TV.

Gamers use an application on their mobiles in Beirut, Lebanon, 17 July 2016, ANWAR AMRO/AFP/Getty Images

Maharat Foundation launched the “Take Your Seats” campaign to encourage Lebanon’s youth to participate in the Internet Governance Forum for the first time.