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The International Press Institute (IPI) has released a report on press freedom conditions in Lebanon, following a fact-finding mission to the country in December 2006.

"Media in Lebanon: Reporting on a Nation Divided" looks at four main areas: the impact of politics on the press; threats to journalists' safety; censorship and restrictions on access to information; and economic pressures on the media.

IPI's fact-finding mission sought to investigate how continued political instability within the country is affecting freedom of the press and to examine the impact of the recent conflict between Israel and the militant Hezbollah group on the country's media.

Among the report's findings is the observation that many publications and radio and television stations are close to political and religious groups and are, at times, promoting specific political agendas.

"As media outlets assert their positions on controversial issues, journalists are no longer being seen as independent observers but as representatives of political movements, open to attack from opposing factions," notes IPI.

Read the report here:

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