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3 July 2012 |

Journalist attacked while filming sand extraction on coast

Diaa Abou Taam was beaten and cursed by members of the Lebanese Army Intelligence while he was on assignment shooting video for his investigations about seafront violations.
26 June 2012 |

Al-Jadeed TV station attacked by armed men

The attack followed an interview on 24 June with a Salafist sheikh who incited sectarian anger in the country.
20 June 2012 |

At least nine journalists attacked covering clashes

Naji Mazboudi was attacked by two unidentified assailants while filming filming patients injured from clashes at a Beirut hospital.
12 June 2012 |

Journalist attacked while covering party elections

Al-Jadeed reporter Ghadi Francis was beaten while covering the election of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party at Dhour Chweir.
5 June 2012 |

Prisoner's family attacks journalist over critical article

Afif Diab was attacked in Chtoura on 2 June 2012 by four men, while the police refused to take any action.
23 April 2012 |

Two activists arrested for graffiti art

Well-known activists Khodor Salameh and Ali Fakhri are being held at Damascus Road Station for expressing their support for the Arab revolutions through street art.
17 April 2012 |

Writer, activist survives assassination attempt

The political activist and the coordinator of the "Lebanese Sovereignty Movement" Mustafa Geha came under fire in his car while driving on a highway south of the capital. Four bullets pierced through his car.
9 April 2012 |

Cameraman killed by cross-border gunfire

Ali Shaaban was struck in the chest while working in the northern Lebanese town of Wadi Khaled near the Syrian border.
14 December 2011 |

Film banned for allegedly "endangering public security"

The film, "Beirut Bil Layl", was well received when it premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival.
7 December 2011 |

ANHRI condemns interrogation of author

George Al-Alam was interrogated regarding a book he published about torture he underwent while imprisoned at the Ministry of Defense prison.
12 October 2011 |

Iranian film director denied entry

Security services considered Nader Daoudi's film about the Iranian revolution to be "hostile" and banned it from the official competition in the Beirut International Film Festival.
26 September 2011 |

Two lawyers face disciplinary measures for publishing article

The lawyers' syndicate in Beirut is investigating two lawyers who criticised a proposed project that would restrict its members from speaking to the media about human rights cases.
12 September 2011 |

Lebanese blogger arrested in Egypt, deported to Beirut

Imad Bazzi was detained for over 10 hours and questioned by Egyptian officials over an award he had received and about his relations with Egyptian bloggers.
8 August 2011 |

Supporters of Syrian regime attack demonstrators in Beirut

Activists who gathered at the Syrian Embassy to show their support for the Syrian people were violently attacked while security force personnel looked on.
4 August 2011 |

Human rights activist harassed for documenting torture

Saadeddine Shatila, of the international human rights group Alkarama, was summoned by the military intelligence and interrogated for more than seven hours.
29 July 2011 |

Maharat condemns brief detention of singer accused of defaming the president

Zeid Hamdan was detained for several hours based on an accusation that he had defamed the Lebanese president in a song entitled "General Suleiman".
4 July 2011 |

Another documentary banned from Beirut film festival

Authorities have cancelled licenses to screen the Lebanese documentary "What Happened" at the Banned Movies Festival, following a previous ban on the Iranian movie "Green Days".
24 June 2011 |

Authorities ban Iranian documentary from Lebanese film festival

"Green Days", a documentary on the 2009 protests in Iran, was scheduled to screen as part of the "Banned Movies Festival" in Lebanon.
28 April 2011 |

Al-Jazeera suspends Syria operations

In a separate incident in Lebanon, unidentified men poured gasoline on the broadcast truck belonging to the Beirut-based television station Al-Jadeed.
7 April 2011 |

Protesters attack journalists, smash their equipment

Cameraman Ameen Chomar and journalist Mohammed Zaatari were targeted by protesters who wanted to prevent the media from covering the infighting among the demonstrators.

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