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Brazilian authorities must promptly and thoroughly investigate threats to radio journalist Marco Antônio Ferreira and the burning of his car, and determine if they were related to his reporting.

Extradition proceedings against Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange are set to conclude on 4 January, when a decision is expected. RSF again condemns the targeting of Assange for his contributions to journalism and calls for his immediate release.

Nossel covers a number of topics, including the larger ramifications of the news media’s coverage of President Trump and the importance for the media to stop using this coverage as a bait for ratings.

“We must make sure that, in our scramble to reopen the economy, we do not overlook inequity of access to the vaccine; … and the potential that today’s vaccine passport will act as a catalyst toward tomorrow’s system of national digital identification that can be used to systematically collect and store our personal information.”

What is the toll of the coronavirus on journalism in the United States? While we will never know the full impact, this project – which examines the first 10 months of the pandemic from March to December 2020 – is a

In a joint letter to President Elect Joseph Biden, organizations raise their concerns about the deteriorating political situation in Bahrain and urge him to ensure that democracy and human rights are returned to the center of American foreign policy.

To mark Human Rights Day and in the name of press freedom, CJFE leads a coalition of more than a dozen media advocacy and human rights groups in calling on the Canadian government to honour their words to protect journalists by taking immediate action.

Ola Bini is a computer expert and human rights defender recognized worldwide, who is facing a political-judicial process in Ecuador since April 2019. Ecuadorian and international civil society organizations set up a mission to observe the preparatory hearing and trial evaluation of December 3rd, 2020.

“Subpoenaing a news organization to turn over its source material sets a dangerous legal precedent and undermines sources’ trust in the media,” said CPJ.

Colombian authorities should thoroughly investigate death threats received by Caracol TV employees and ensure they can work freely.

Many of the smartphone apps people use every day are collecting data on their users and, in order to make money, many of these apps sell that information. One of the customers for this data is the U.S. government, which regularly purchases commercially available geolocation data.

President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with former PEN America president and Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Ron Chernow. The following is a lightly edited transcript of their conversation.

November in the Americas: A free expression round up produced by IFEX’s Regional Editor Paula Martins, based on IFEX member reports and news from the region.

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies says recent efforts by the US State Department to label the global boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement as anti-semitic threatens to silence the work of Palestinian human rights defenders and organizations that monitor, document, and criticize Israel’s systematic human rights violations.

EFF urged the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to reconsider a split three-judge panel’s ruling that the Baltimore Police Department’s aerial surveillance of the city’s more than half a million residents is constitutional.

Visa, the credit card network, is trying to buy financial technology company Plaid for $5.3 billion. The merger is bad for a number of reasons.