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Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” banned from publication

**For Background, see IFEX CH alert dated 20 January, 1995** An Istanbul court decided on 2 February that “Ozgur Ulke” was the continuation of the now defunct “Ozgur Gundem”, and that therefore its publication violated the press law which states that “any publication that is clearly a continuation of a publication that was shut down […]

Link to: Proposed amendments to penal code threaten freedom of expression

Source: “Center for Foreign Journalists Clearinghouse on the Central & East European Press” (CFJ) The Romanian Parliament is expected to pass amendments to the penal code in February or March that would constitute a serious threat to freedom of expression. The amendments would provide long prison terms for such offenses as “damaging the reputation of […]

Link to: Editor of “Gazeta Wyborcza” sentenced to prison

On 19 January, the Supreme Court of Poland sentenced Waclaw Bialy, editor of the Lublin edition of the daily newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”, to two weeks in prison and a fine for refusing to reveal the name of a contributor after he was ordered to do so by a regional court. Although Mr. Bialy based his […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” correspondent Salih Guler’s detention extended; torture alleged

SOURCE: “Ozgur Ulke”, Istanbul **Updates IFEX CH alert dated 9 January 1995** Salih Guler, a 24 year old correspondent for the newspaper “Ozgur Ulke” being held at Jandarme Intelligence Organization (JITEM) in Diyarbakir since 4 January, has had his detention extended by 15 days. According to “Ozgur Ulke, a recently released witness, who remains anonymous […]

Link to: Newspapers seized; further details

**For background see IFEX CH alerts dated 17 January 1995** A new form of censorship is being practised against non-mainstream publications in Turkey. On 6 January, police and courts began confiscating newspapers and magazines deemed “separatist” before they are distributed. The pro-Kurdish daily “Ozgur Ulke”, the right-wing weekly “Taraf”, the left-wing weeklies “Gercek” and “Alinteri”, […]

Link to: Paper mill shortages a form of censorship

At the end of 1994, 17 of Romania’s major publications announced to their readers that they may shut down. The state-owned Letea paper mill is the only supplier of newsprint in the country. It announced that it will halt production for a few months due to raw materials shortages. The editors and publishers of the […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” correspondents detained

Source: “Ozgur Ulke”, Istanbul **For information about other recent attacks on “Ozgur Ulke” see IFEX alerts dated 17 January 1995 (1), 17 January 1995 (2) and 9 January 1995** On 19 January 1995, at 10:50 am, plainclothes police from the anti-terror team in Diyarbakir held an identification check at the “Ozgur Ulke” offices in Diyarbakir […]

Link to: Escalating attacks on the media — censorship of four newspapers; dismissals of two editors; publishing rights denied

Source: Journalists’ Union of Belarus (JUB) The IFJ is extremely concerned at recent developments in the Belarus media in the past month. The Journalists’ Union of Belarus (JUB) reports that three newspapers — “Sovetskaja Belarus”, “Zvezda”, and “Respublika” — have appeared with blank spaces where an article on political corruption was due to be published, […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” edition seized

On 9 January 1995, an entire edition of the newspaper “Ozgur Ulke” was seized following official complaints about an article on the second page of the paper, even though this article was deleted by the editorial board before publication. In spite of this effort at compliance, the Prosecutor apparently ordered the seizure to be carried […]

Link to: “Ozgur Ulke” 6 January edition seized

On the morning of 6 January, copies of “Ozgur Ulke” were seized from the newspaper’s distribution centre. Editions of “Ozgur Ulke” have been seized in the past, but it has always been possible to obtain copies of the editions in their first hours at newsstands. The 6 January seizure marks the first time since the […]

Link to: Four Radio Zid journalists mobilised into Bosnian army

The IFJ/FIEJ Coordinating Centre reports that four senior journalists employed by Radio Zid have been mobilised into the Army of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Radio Zid had been promised special recognition by Sarajevo authorities and was granted 32 civilian work permits to ensure that the station could remain on the air. Radio Zid has used only […]

Link to: Former editor-in-chief of “Ozgur Gundem” Ocak Isik Yutcu sentenced; more sentences likely

Ocak Isik Yutcu, the first editor-in-chief of the now defunct “Ozgur Gundem” was sentenced on 28 December 1994 to 25 years in prison for separatist articles published in the pro-Kurdish daily in 1991. He was arrested and sent to jail when the appeals court upheld the first sentence for him in a series of more […]

Link to: Author Graa Boomsma (m) faces appeal against acquittal in face of threats; journalist Eddy Schaafsma’s acquittal confirmed

**Updates IFEX CH alerts dated 3 August, 13 June, 24, 23 May 1994** On 12 January 1995, the Leewarden Court heard an appeal against the acquittal on charges of defamation in June 1994 of author Graa Boomsma and journalist Eddy Schaafsma. Schaafsma was acquitted; the verdict against Boomsma will be given on 26 January. If […]

Link to: Russian TV head, Oleg Poptsov, threatened with dismissal

It is rumoured that the head of Russian state television, Oleg Poptsov, will be fired for his organisation’s critical reporting on the conflict in Chechnya, according to unconfirmed reports obtained by IPI. Poptsov could be dismissed because of Russian TV’s supposed lack of objectivity in its coverage of the Chechen crisis. State television employees support […]

Link to: Sentencing and detention of human rights lawyer under Anti-terror law

In a 6 January 1995 letter to Turkish officials, ARTICLE 19 expressed profound concern over reports of the sentencing on 1 December 1994 of the human rights lawyer, Sedat Aslantas, and his subsequent arrest and detention on 5 December. His sentence, under Article 8 of Turkey’s Anti-Terror, violated his right to freedom of expression, as […]

Link to: Correspondent Vladimir Zhitolenko killed

“Krasnaya Zvezda” (“Red Star”) correspondent Vladimir Zhitolenko was killed on 31 December 1994. “Krasnaya Zvezda” is the daily newspaper of the Russian Ministry of Defence. Zhitolenko was stepping out of an armoured personnel carrier in Grozny when he was hit with by two bullets. CPJ fears that press conditions in Chechnya may deteriorate as has […]