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Link to: Globe International deeply concerned over attack on Sky television

The reason for the assault was purportedly that the television crew aired one-sided news reports that did not serve the interests of an investor who was running for parliamentary election.

Link to: Member of Parliament files civil lawsuit against two newspapers

Kh. Battulga of the Democratic Party claims his honour was offended by articles published in the Mongoliin Unen and Ugluunii sonin daily papers.

Link to: Leader of Republican Party interferes with activities of daily newspaper

The night before an interview with the party leader was to be published in the paper, the politician and his representatives exerted pressure on a journalist and seized and bought the paper’s edition from some postal offices.

Link to: State investigator files criminal lawsuit against TV9 channel

The TV station and an investigative team are being targeted in connection with a documentary that disclosed allegations of corruption.

Link to: Church files lawsuit against television station, journalist

The World Mission Society Church of God filed a lawsuit against journalist J. Minjin and TV-8 after the journalist broadcast a news item about complains by former church members.

Link to: Provincial TV journalist and cameraman assaulted, camera destroyed

Journalist T. Danaasuren and cameraman J. Tuvshintulga were assaulted while covering incidents between small local mining entrepreneurs and guards from the “Special Mines” company.

Link to: Publicist and his wife ordered to pay compensation to minister for defamation

The couple was found guilty of “insulting the reputation” of the Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Mr. L. Gansukh, by the Sukhbaatar District Court.

Link to: Judge dismisses lawsuit against journalist

The district court judge in the case noted that Bolormaa Damdinsuren did not purposefully defame the company director and therefore the case could no longer be considered a criminal lawsuit.

Link to: Journalist released on bail

IPI welcomes the release of Dolgor Chuluunbaatar but remains concerned at the apparent lack of transparency in the criminal proceedings.

Link to: ARTICLE 19 welcomes adoption of freedom of information law

The adoption of the Law on Information Transparency and Freedom of Information is an important milestone for enhancing public participation and government transparency, ARTICLE 19 said.

Renowned author and “Ulaanbaatar Times” editor Chuluunbaatar Dolgor has been denied bail nine times since his arrest in March 2011. There is serious concern for his health and well-being in prison. Add your voice in support of his release on bail via this online form or on Facebook and Twitter. Click here for more.

Link to: Globe International’s 2010 Media Freedom Report

The report aims to highlight the current situation of how Mongolian journalists exercise their professional rights and what enabling environments exist for them to fulfill their duties to the public in a fair and responsible manner.

Link to: Editor held on spurious charges

Chuluunbaatar Dolgor has been indicted for “illegal privatization and serious damage to public property”; if found guilty, he faces 15 years’ imprisonment.

The report outlines Globe International’s 2010 projects and activities.

Link to: Government minister brings criminal defamation charges against journalist

Journalist A. Baatarkhuyag is accused of defaming Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism L. Gansukh by accusing him of corruption.

Link to: General prosecutor files criminal defamation case against journalist

The defamation case was filed after journalist B. Tsoojchuluuntsetseg published a series of articles focused on “Billionaires who swindle banks”.