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Link to: Former and current provincial governors harass television journalists, deny them access to information

(Globe International/IFEX) – On 27 July 2006, Mr. M. Yadmaa, governor of Omnogovi province, ordered department heads not to give information to AltanGobi television while the TV cameraman, Mr M. Shinekhuu, was reporting on a meeting of the heads of the governor’s departmental offices. On 26 July, AltanGobi television aired a programme covering the excessive […]

Link to: CORRECTION: Television editor beaten after airing controversial programme

(Globe International/IFEX) – Please note, it was previously stated that the “Forbidden to watch” programme had covered the privatisation process of the Erdenet mining industry. Globe International clarifies that the state has not privatised the Erdenet industry, nor is it intending to. Globe International and the IFEX Clearing House apologise for the error. The corrected […]

Link to: Television editor beaten after airing controversial programme

(Globe International/IFEX) – On 6 July 2006, B. Tsevegmid, the editor-in-chief of Nomin television station, based in the northern province of Orkhon, was beaten at the entrance of her building and had to be hospitalised for treatment. Before being attacked she had received many threats by telephone concerning an investigative television programme, “Forbidden to watch,” […]

Link to: Journalist threatened following publication of articles on financial sector bankruptcies

(Globe International/IFEX) – “Udriin sonin” (“Daily News”) national newspaper journalist S. Enkjtuul has been threatened for her series of articles on the bankruptcies of some private savings and credit associations. On 13 June 2006, after her article entitled, “Are the bankrupted financial associations guiding police to a mafia network?” was published, she was called for […]

Link to: Journalists denied access to information at crime prevention council meeting

(Globe International/IFEX) – On 12 June 2006, S. Munkhdalai, a reporter for the community radio station Noyon Uul, and Uvurkhangai TV journalist G. Puntsagsuren were denied information by G. Dashtudev, chief secretary of the Crime Prevention Council of the Mongolian Justice and Domestic Ministry. While S. Munkhdalai was taping a meeting about inspections at the […]

Link to: Radio station’s access to information restricted by company following critical reporting on its environmental impact

(Globe International/IFEX) – T. Bayartsogt, a reporter for the community radio station Orkhon, faced restrictions in obtaining information about the activities of the Tsavchirt local lime processing company in the north Mongolian aimag [province] of Darkhan-Uul on 24 May 2006 when he entered a company production site. Company manager Sh. Munkhtsetseg invited a group of […]

Link to: Television crew mistreated, denied access, their camera damaged by police when covering dismantling of protest camp

(Globe International/IFEX) – On the night of 8 May 2006, a television crew, comprised of reporters M. Batdorj and T. Orgil and cameramen B. Uuganbayar and L. Bayanbat, all from the independent television channel Eagle TV, were assaulted by policemen in Sukhbaatar Square, in the centre of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, while covering actions […]

Link to: CAPSULE REPORT: Journalists investigated over article critical of politicians

(Globe International/IFEX) – Globe International is deeply concerned about civil and criminal defamation charges brought against researchers and journalists by Mongolian politicians, including the current President N. Enkhbayar, and urges these politicians to respect press freedom and freedom of expression as guaranteed under the Mongolian Constitution. Globe International considers that by prosecuting journalists, these politicians […]

Link to: Journalist investigated for criminal defamation and libel

(Globe International/IFEX) – G. Dashrentsen, political commentator for the national newspaper “Udriin Sonin” (“Daily News”) has been under investigation for criminal defamation and libel by the Mongolian Police Enquiry Department since 28 January 2006, following a complaint made by Buddhist Lama Purevbat. Lama Purevbat complained that he had been shamed by being called a “yaschin” […]

Link to: Journalists harassed, threatened for not revealing their sources; Globe International calls for the legal protection of their professional rights

(Globe International/IFEX) – Mongolian government officials have been censoring media and demanding journalists to reveal their source of information, says Globe International. Since January 2006, there have been more than 10 press cases involving censorship or demands upon journalists to reveal a source. Female journalist G. Ganchimeg of the Hovd-based weekly newspaper “Hovdyn Medee” (“Hovd […]

Link to: TV journalist target of recent attacks

(CJES/IFEX) – The following is a press release by Globe International, which is being circulated by CJES under a partnership agreement: MONGOLIA: TV journalist target of recent attacks On the night of 19 December 2005, unknown individuals vandalised the vehicle of television journalist G. Batjav near his home in Ulaanbaatar. All of the windows were […]

Link to: Journalist imprisoned for defamation

(RSF/IFEX) – Journalist A. Erdenetuya has been sentenced to three months and one day in prison for defamation and fined 900,000 Mongol tugriks (approx. US$809; 670 euros). On 27 April 2004, the Bayanzurkh District Court convicted Erdenetuya under Article 111/2 of the Mongolian Criminal Code and sent her to Gants Khudag prison in a suburb […]

Link to: Editor jailed for publishing false information that led to woman’s death

(RSF/IFEX) – RSF has expressed its concern after the editor of the Mongolian daily newspaper “Ug” (“Word”) was jailed for one year for publishing false information that led indirectly to the death of a woman the daily had named as a possible AIDS victim. On 31 July 2002, a court in the Sukhbaatar district of […]

Link to: Draft public broadcasting law needs to guarantee independence, says ARTICLE 19

(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) – The following is an ARTICLE 19 press release: DRAFT MONGOLIAN PUBLIC BROADCASTING LAW NEEDS TO GUARANTEE INDEPENDENCE ARTICLE 19 today released its analysis of the draft Law of Mongolia on Public Radio and Television (1). The draft law, whose preparation was overseen by the Ministry of Justice, was completed some time ago […]

Link to: Journalist attacked

(RSF/IFEX) – RSF is very concerned by an attack against a Mongolian journalist. According to RSF’s sources, on 6 April 1999, L. Munkhbayasgalan, a crime reporter with the private weekly “Seruulag” (Alarm Clock), was seriously injured by unknown people who attacked her with a razor. She had serious cuts on her face, hands and neck. […]