‘Locked’ cartoon strip shows impact of Kashmir’s autonomy loss and internet shutdown

Recent articles in Kashmir (India)

A woman uses her cellphone in Srinagar, 6 February 2021; at that time the Indian government restored high speed 4G internet services in Jammu and Kashmir after 18 months, Faisal Khan/NurPhoto

Jammu and Kashmir authorities urged not to impose internet shutdowns during pandemic

SFLC.in wrote a letter to the Jammu and Kashmir administration urging them to not impose an internet shutdown while India is in the middle of a deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, since citizens need up to date and reliable health information.

Journalists in India face attacks, legal action, and threats

Dozens of local journalists were included in lists allegedly identifying them as “anti-Hindu” or as “Indian agents”. Because of this, several reporters in the list faced police investigations and attacks while performing their duties.

India conducts counterterrorism raids targeting peaceful critics

Indian authorities carried out several raids on the offices of nongovernmental organizations, the homes of several activists, and a newspaper office in Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, and Bangalore. Human Rights Watch said the raids are part of a crackdown by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party on civil society groups.