Macedonian reporter gets four-and-a-half year jail term

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People take part in a protest in support of media freedom after a journalist was sentenced to prison for an article, in Skopje, North Macedonia, 20 January 2015, ROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP via Getty Images

North Macedonia: Justice Minister introduces amendments to increase protection of journalists

Authorities will treat cases involving attacks on journalists in the same way as they treat assaults on police officers. There will also be new penalties for assaulting a journalist or a media worker, and online harassment will be criminalised.

COVID-19: Border closures exploited to spread disinformation in North Macedonia

Amid the resurgence of coronavirus cases in still-shuttered North Macedonia, the tourist seasons getting underway in nearby countries have been used to manipulate public opinion with disinformation and to inflate toxic nationalism.

North Macedonia: Government official sends threats and sexual comments to journalists

The official told web journalist Meri Jordanovska that he would be “creating a funeral” for her; he told broadcast journalist Iskra Korovesovska that he knew where she lived, and that she should “run away” if she saw him on the street.