Madagascar goes after Jupiter

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A doctor examines a malnourished child during an extended drought, at the health center in the village of Imongy, Tsihombe, southern Madagascar, 4 March 2015, RIJASOLO/AFP via Getty Images

Madagascar state media mounts smear campaign against French journalist

Gaëlle Borgia’s report on Madagascar’s acute famine stirs authorities into driving a smear campaign against the award winning journalist.

Madagascan journalist Arphine Helisoa charged in a case of mistaken identity

The Committee to Protect Journalists is requesting the immediate release of Madagascan journalist Arphine Helisoa, charged with spreading false news and incitement of hatred toward the President.

Link to: Madagascan opposition media attacked amidst political polarisation

Madagascan opposition media attacked amidst political polarisation

Located in Fianarantsoa, 400 km south of the capital, the regional branch of Viva, a radio and TV broadcaster owned by former transitional President Andry Rajoelina, was ransacked by masked individuals.