Malaysia: Senate rejects bill abolishing Anti-Fake News law

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Malaysia: Media advocacy groups demand fair and equal media access to parliament

The Malaysian Parliament has restricted the media’s coverage of its proceedings to 16 media agencies. Several groups, including IFEX member Centre for Independent Journalism, call for fair and equal media access to in-house parliamentary proceedings at all times, especially during times of crisis.

Malaysia: New prime minister needs new rights agenda

Human Rights Watch said Malaysia’s new government should stop and reverse the actions of the previous government, which investigated and prosecuted citizens simply for exercising their civil and political rights.

Hundreds of Malaysian youth gather in Kuala Lumpur to take part in the #Lawan protest demanding the Prime Minister's resignation, 31 July 2021, Aizat Ady Ikram/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Malaysia: ‘Government must stop harassment and intimidation of peaceful protesters’

Several civil society groups are urging Malaysian authorities to stop persecuting activists and other citizens who are protesting against the government’s pandemic response.