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1 August 2012 |

Free expression set back by court ruling on cartoonist's case

A civil court found that Zunar's arrest had been lawful, while the continued holding of his books and artwork was not.
10 July 2012 |

Blogger held under draconian Official Secrets Act

Syed Abdullah Hussein Al-Attas was arrested as a result of a complaint by a group of 30 people over controversial posts about the Sultan of Johor.
4 June 2012 |

Book banning frenzy must end, say civil society organisations

While there has been uproar against Irshad Manji's Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta recently, the trend started much earlier with the banning of works by Karen Armstrong, Salman Rushdie, Khalil Gibran, Irvine Welsh and Iris Chang, among others.
24 May 2012 |

Authorities urged to drop charges against protest participants

A criminal charge sheet obtained by media indicates that authorities will charge former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, president of the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR); Azmin Ali, PKR deputy president; and Badrul Hisham Shaharin, a PKR activist, with disobeying judicial orders and taking part in a prohibited street protest.
17 May 2012 |

Media freedom is far from assured, open letter tells prime minister

The media are exposed to censorship and violence and their independence is severely curtailed by the ruling coalition's political meddling, said RSF.
30 April 2012 |

Journalists assaulted, arrested while covering protest

CIJ says this attack on nine journalists is an ongoing trend to prevent the media and citizen activists from reporting on police brutality.
19 April 2012 |

Press still shackled despite amendments to law

The amendments to the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 only abolished some of the heavy-handed provisions that placed too much power in the executive's hands, which should never have been allowed in the first place, CIJ argues.
13 April 2012 |

Security bill threatens basic liberties

The law which would replace the infamous ISA offers some reform but opens the door to a range of future abuses, Human Rights Watch said.
5 March 2012 |

Ministry's show-cause letter to "The Star" unnecessary, says CIJ

The letter issued to the paper for publishing a photograph of singer Erykah Badu with body art that included markings with the Arabic word for "Allah", spotlights the draconian PPPA yet again.
1 March 2012 |

Journalists assaulted while covering rally

CIJ urged law enforcers to investigate the fracas at the anti-Lynas rally in Penang, and protect the right to peaceful assembly.
29 February 2012 |

Government opposes judicial review of ban on sexual diversity festival

The government should drop its objection to a judicial review of the 2011 ban on the festival, which violated principles of freedom of expression and association, says Human Rights Watch.
14 February 2012 |

Writer faces apostasy trial after Malaysia deports him back to Saudi Arabia

Hamza Kashgari was preparing to seek political asylum in New Zealand in light of the likely death sentence he faces in Saudi Arabia for expressing his religious views.
9 February 2012 |

Journalist flees country following detention order over tweets

Hamza Kashgari posted several tweets about the birth of prophet Mohamed, and was surprised to find severe attacks on him by clergymen and some Saudi citizens who were angered by what he had written.
2 February 2012 |

IFJ supports proposed electoral reporting reforms

The organisation supports a proposal put forward by its Malaysian affiliate in response to a call for public submissions issued by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reforms.
19 January 2012 |

Political satirist takes government to court over "Cartoon-O-Phobia"

Zunar (née Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque) appeared at the Kuala Lumpur High Court today for the first hearing of a civil suit brought by himself against the government and the police, in which he challenges them for his wrongful arrest and detention in September 2010.
29 November 2011 |

Authorities urged to allow lawyers' rally to proceed

Lawyers are marching out of concern that the freedoms of peaceful assembly and association are under threat from a proposed law.
10 November 2011 |

Government urged to ensure rights of all citizens to freedom of association, expression

Human Rights Watch is urging the government to immediately rescind a police-imposed ban on a "sexual diversity" festival and adopt measures to protect all Malaysians from discrimination.
28 September 2011 |

Broadcast ban placed on video aimed at increasing voter registration

The video was banned just days after Prime Minister Najib Razak promised renewed efforts toward creating a more democratic and liberal Malaysia.
19 September 2011 |

PM's promise of sweeping reforms does not extend to media freedom, says CIJ

The prime minister's minor concession in removing the requirement for an annual publishing permit in the PPPA does not address other infringements on freedom of expression within the act itself, CIJ noted.
18 August 2011 |

CIJ expresses concern over Home Ministry's reaction to newspaper's error

The ministry issued "The Star" a show-cause letter after the newspaper included some non-halal eateries in its "Ramadhan delights" food supplement.

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