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26 July 2012 |

One worker killed, several others injured and arrested during protest

The violence resulted in the death of union leader Mohamed Wals El-Mashozafy and the arrest of rights activist Osman Wald Krieft.
9 February 2012 |

ANHRI condemns detention of activist

Wan Biran, coordinator of the Do Not Touch My Nationality movement, was detained while visiting his brother in the National Hospital.
27 December 2011 |

Moroccan journalist expelled

The authorities have given no reason for the expulsion of Abdelhafiz al-Baqali, who has been working in the capital for two years.
22 August 2011 |

Senegalese TV crew arrested, equipment seized

The crew had been in the country since August 13 on an assignment that included interviewing the leader of the opposition Democratic Party and the president of a local abolitionist movement.
9 August 2011 |

Police attack anti-slavery campaigners

Activists, under the banner of the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement, were attacked with batons and tear gas, resulting in several injured.
21 June 2011 |

ANHRI condemns blocking of newspaper's website after UAE intervention

The website of "El Badil Al Thalith" was blocked as a result of pressure from Emirati authorities on the hosting company after it published a series of articles criticising Arab leaders.
19 July 2010 |

Police detain reporter for several hours

Mohammed Ould Abdel Latif, a reporter with the privately-owned "El Hayat", was arrested while interviewing traders about the police's alleged involvement in tax collection.
7 July 2010 |

National Assembly adopts bill to liberalise airwaves and loosen governmental control on state-owned media

A government representative said the law would liberalise the electronic media and eliminate the state's monopoly over public media.
1 March 2010 |

Website editor freed under presidential pardon

Hanevy Ould Dehah's lawyer thanked all those who fought for his release and said without them his client would still be in prison.
5 February 2010 |

Court imposes new two-year sentence on website editor

Hanevy Ould Dehah, editor of the website Taqadoumy, was convicted at the end of an incomprehensible and arbitrary trial.
4 February 2010 |

Still held illegally, website editor re-tried on same charge

Hanevy Ould Dehah should have been released on 24 December 2009 on completing a six-month sentence on a trumped-up charge.
6 January 2010 |

Journalist held past his release date, begins hunger strike in protest

Hanafi Oueld Dah was due to be released on 24 December 2009 but a court rejected an appeal for his release.
16 September 2009 |

Another online journalist detained, released

Djibril Diallo must report daily to the police until further notice.
21 August 2009 |

Website editor gets six months in prison for "offending public decency"

Hanevy Ould Dehah was arrested on the orders of the prosecutor's office on 18 June 2009 as a result of a complaint by a presidential candidate.
2 July 2009 |

Detained website editor faces up to five years in prison

Reporters Without Borders condemns charges that were brought against Hanevy Ould Dehah, the editor of the website Taqadoumy.
24 June 2009 |

News website director arrested

On 18 June, the director of the news website Taqadoumy, Hanevy Ould Dehah, was arrested on the orders of the prosecutor's office.
28 May 2009 |

Police assault journalists, local correspondent arrested and briefly detained

Police in Mauritania physically assaulted a group of journalists and prevented them from covering a sit-down strike by members of the National Bar Association
15 May 2009 |

Leading journalist escapes murder attempt

The journalist was left for dead after being battered and slashed by two men wielding baseball bats and knives on the evening of 12 May 2009
12 May 2009 |

Journalist harassed by party activists

(MFWA/IFEX) - On 4 May 2009, Mamouni Ould Moctar, reporter with Agence Nouakchott d'Information, a Nouakchott-based newswire service, was manhandled by political party activists who were protesting the electoral timetable proposed by the military junta to return the country to democratic rule.
17 April 2009 |

Jailed newspaper editor pardoned by head of military government

Reporters Without Borders hails the release of Abdel Fettah Ould Abeidna, editor of the weekly "Al Aqsa", on 8 April 2009 as a result of a pardon issued by the head of the military government, Gen. Ould Abdel Aziz.

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