Members of presidential guard, police suppress journalists’ protest; two members of C-Libre assaulted

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IFEX-ALC condemns arbitrary detention of journalists Miriam Grizel and Cesario Padilla, members of the C-Libre team

The IFEX-ALC network condemns the arbitrary detention of journalists Miriam Grizel and Cesario Padilla in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and calls on the national authorities to respect and guarantee the right to freedom of expression and the work of journalists and civil society organisations. Grizel and Padilla are journalists for the Comité por la Libre Expresión, (Committee for Free Expression, C-Libre), an IFEX-ALC member organisation.

Honduran journalist Luis Alonzo Almendares shot and killed

Honduran authorities must do everything in their power to conduct a credible investigation into the killing of journalist Luis Alonzo Almendares, determine whether it was related to his work, and prosecute those responsible, said CPJ.

Honduran journalist David Romero dies after contracting COVID-19 in jail

Authorities continue to imprison journalists in unsafe conditions in the midst of a global pandemic. Romero had been convicted and sentenced on defamation charges.