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“Free Press Unlimited advocates that the European Commission should use the DSA as an opportunity to re-balance the power dynamics between online platforms and the media, while addressing connected issues related to the spread of disinformation and online advertising.”

Beyond the attacks and detention of journalists and media workers, authorities also undermined the Belarusian peoples’ right to access free and impartial information when they blocked access to the internet, affecting websites and popular apps.

Press freedom and media development organizations stress the UN’s Verified campaign could be strengthened by acknowledging that free and independent journalism, citizen reporting and open public discourse are indispensable to decreasing the impact of false and misleading information about COVID-19.

Access to reliable information, fair gender representation, financial support for media (development) organisations and empathetic and skilful leadership are the crucial elements to help the media sector during the crisis and make it emerge stronger in the long run.

Attacks on journalists reporting on the arrival of migrants in Greece is not only an attack on the right to freedom of expression, but a restriction of citizens’ access and right to information.

Violent crime is pervasive in El Salvador and several journalists have been murdered in recent years; read about the safety training being given to the local journalists who are most at risk.