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Hong Kong media groups demand access to information from government departments

In a letter sent to Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, several media groups urge the government to open up searches of information. This was prompted by the filing of a case against RTHK producer Bao Choy who was charged after accessing a government vehicle database for an investigative report.

Hong Kong to revise definition of media representatives under new police orders

The unilateral revision, which is supposed to identify ‘fake journalists’, is likened to an ‘official accreditation system’ and will ‘seriously impede press freedom in Hong Kong’.

Hong Kong media in 2020: ‘Freedom in danger’

The Hong Kong Journalists Association has released its 2020 media report titled ‘Freedom in Danger’. The report cited the challenges faced by the media sector over the past 12 months such as the COVID-19 crisis and the ‘political storm’ generated by the anti-extradition protests and the recently passed national security law.

Hong Kong press freedom index hits record low

Hong Kong’s press freedom index 2019 was the lowest ever since the Hong Kong Journalists Association began the survey in 2013. The sharp decline was attributed to law enforcement violence against journalists covering the widespread protests in the city over the past year.

‘Shock and regret’ over Beijing ban on American journalists

United States citizens working as journalists at “The New York Times”, “The Wall Street Journal”, and “The Washington Post” were ordered by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to surrender their press credentials.

Face mask ban could further erode press freedom in Hong Kong

A colonial-era law has been revived in Hong Kong to ban the use of facial covering during protests.

Stronger cooperation needed to counter global disinformation on Hong Kong

Disinformation campaigns have targeted the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Doxxing of journalists is the latest attack on press freedom in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Journalists Association considers doxxing to be part of a concerted campaign to intimidate journalists and undermine reporting of the protests in the city.