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Activists protest new censorship laws, in London, UK, 12 December 2014, In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

A new law has the potential to pose a severe threat to the anonymity of people in the UK.

Indonesian street punk musicians play by sidewalk food stalls in Jakarta, Indonesia, 21 June 2010, ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images

Index on Censorship urges that proposed legislation that would restrict artistic freedom be discarded.

7 IFEX members are among 17 organisations urging Formula One to uphold its commitment to human rights by calling on Bahraini authorities to free Najah Yusuf, an activist imprisoned for expressing her opposition to F1 races being held in Bahrain.

Protesters carry a banner with the portraits of Azerbaijani political prisoners during a demonstration for press freedom, in Berlin, Germany, 21 January 2015, Maurizio Gambarini/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good news from Azerbaijan, anti-LGBTI+ violence in Chechnya, an IFEX member on trial in Turkey, journalists targeted by protesters across Europe, dubious convictions in Tajikistan and Montenegro, demonstrators demand protection of independent press in Serbia and Hungary.

On 31 May 2017, a man attends a rally in Tbilisi, Georgia to support Azerbaijani journalist Afgan Mukhtarli who had been abducted in Tbilisi a few days earlier and placed in detention in Baku, REUTERS/David Mdzinarishvili

Kidnapped in Georgia in 2017 and transported back to Azerbaijan, Mukhtarli was convicted on dubious charges and sentenced to six years in prison.

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Human rights groups call for Mehman Huseynov to be transferred to a civilian hospital, for the new charges against him to be dropped and for him to be released from jail.

A woman dressed as the French Republic national symbol 'La Marianne' walks on the Champs Elysee during a yellow vest protest, in Paris, France, 29 December 2018, Bruno Thevenin/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Mass protests in France and Hungary, Russia wants its own Internet; state media attacks independent journalists across the region; Greek broadcaster points finger at government over bombing; investigation into shooting of Olivera Lakic stalls; black women 84% more likely to be targeted by online trolls than white women….

Nine international freedom of expression, press freedom, and professional journalists’ organisations condemn the lack of progress in the case of the investigative journalist.