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Image of Fikret Başkaya, writer and academic.

‘Terrorist propaganda’ charges against Fikret Başkaya must be dismissed

Rights groups are calling on Turkey to drop unjustified charges against writer Fikret Başkaya and others accused of ‘terrorist propaganda’ for peaceful expression of opinion.

Turkey's opposition IYI Party posts an image that reads 'June 25: The opening of Wikipedia', in an election campaign against the ban on the online encyclopedia, in Ankara, 30 April 2018, Altan Gocher/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Turkey: Two years without Wikipedia

All language versions of the Wikipedia website have been banned since April 2017. The Turkish authorities say they imposed the ban after Wikipedia refused to remove an article alleging Turkish government support for terrorist groups in Syria.

Turkish MPs voting in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey., Yildiz Yazicioglu

A permanent state of emergency by any name is no substitute for respecting human rights

45 civil society organizations are calling on Turkey to provide a true end to the rights restrictions of the formally-ended state of emergency, by withdrawing recently passed legislation that replicates many of the state of emergency’s provisions.

The UN-HRC chamber, Geneva, Switzerland., Getty Images

HRC 36: Secure digital communications are essential for human rights

A joint statement by the Association of Progressive Communications, IFEX and 64 co-signatories at the UN-HRC 36 warns of the threat to human rights posed by recent attacks on the right to use encryption technology, in Turkey and across the globe.

Kem Ley, 4 June, 2016, AP/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Pressure mounts on Cambodia a year after Kem Ley’s killing

On the one-year anniversary of the death of popular Cambodian activist Kem Ley, civil society organisations from around the world reiterated their call for an independent inquiry.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Wikimedia

Parliament must defend health of Turkish democracy

Over 40 organisations call for Turkey’s national assembly to end the national state of emergency, extended for three months on October 19th.

Bahrain must end reprisals and harassment of human rights defender Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman

IFEX members call on the Government of Bahrain to stop the and judicial harassment and reprisals against Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman.

Turkish Supporters are silhouetted against a screan showing President Tayyip Erdogan during a pro-government demonstration in Ankara, Turkey 17 July 2016, REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Arrested for “praising the coup”?

Following the failed coup attempt, journalists, social media users and community leaders continue being arrested for expressing their views.