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Dr. Vasmaghi could face a prison sentence. While she refused to attend a hearing at the Revolutionary Court, she shares her public defence statement ahead of the court’s decision on Monday 10 August.

Exiled journalists from Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Yemen speak to ICORN about the challenges of reporting the truth when governments are using the pandemic to justify surveillance and impose harder restrictions on the press.

Journalist and ICORN writer-in-residence Milagros Socorro continues to write and fight against corruption and authoritarianism in her native Venezuela.

Cartoonist Ali Dorani, aka Mr. Eaten Fish, spent more than four years in an Australia-run detention camp for refugees on Manus Island. Jazz singer Elly Hoyt and bassist and composer Geoff Gascoyne have written an 18-minute suite of music based on his story.

A single cartoon drove Ahmed Falah to five years uncertainty in exile in Jakarta. Now one of Iraq’s most influential and controversial cartoonists, he is safely in Norway with the ICORN programme, where he can continue to work freely without fear of persecution.