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Lao blogger Houayheuang Xayabouly, known by her nickname Mouay, has been detained since 2019 and is serving a 5-year prison sentence for criticizing the government’s response to a flooding disaster.

The International Federation of Journalists and the Alliance of Independent Journalists expressed concern over reports that several local journalists were harassed and attacked across Indonesia.

“If you criminalise news gathering, you are criminalising journalism. It is a moral duty for journalists to protect sources. Many have gone to jail to protect that principle.”

At least four media organisations have been targeted in digital attacks for publishing critical stories about the government’s COVID-19 response.

Hong Kong has wasted little time in curbing its citizens’ liberties by using the new security law to curtail peaceful speech and protests and arrest critics. This was evidenced last week by the arrest of prominent Hong Kong media owner Jimmy Lai, along with other journalists and activists, as well as sanctions against at least 11 Americans.

On 17 August, a car belonging to a Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty team was set on fire. Police found an explosive substance on the wreck of the car, which was completely destroyed.

A new report published by the “Pacific Journalism Review” highlights threats against media freedom in the Melanesia region, particularly in Vanuatu, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and West Papua.

The live webinar ‘Exploring non-homophobic religions’ was interrupted on 24 June after users reported the webinar for breaching community guidelines. Many are asking if it reflects an algorithm bias against LGBTQI+ content or whether it was initiated by conservative groups in Indonesia.