Mexican Human Rights Commission fails to investigate human rights violations highlighted in ARTICLE 19 complaint

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Crosses with the names of journalists and human rights defenders who were murdered in the first three months of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's presidency, Mexico City, Mexico, 22 February 2019, Carlos Tischler/Getty Images

Mexico: Attack on ARTICLE 19 by President López Obrador highlights his grim record on impunity

President López Obrador has launched an open attack on the staff and activities of ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America. His comments followed the free expression organisation’s report detailing attacks against journalists and violations of the right to freedom of expression in the country.

During a protest by dismissed employees from the local council, a woman holds up a newspaper with photos of Lydia Cacho and Mario Marín and the headline "Calls for the resignation of the Puebla governor", in Puebla, Mexico, 15 February 2005, Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP via Getty Images

Former Mexican governor arrested for role in abuse of journalist Lydia Cacho

Mexican authorities should thoroughly investigate Mario Marín for his alleged connection to the physical abuse in custody of journalist Lydia Cacho, and ensure that all the perpetrators of that crime are held to account.

Press conference by the international mission, Mexico City, 6 November 2019, Photo credit: CENCOS

Mexico: Setbacks to freedom of expression in 2020

One year after an International Mission to Mexico, the government has failed to fulfil its commitments, and the freedom of expression situation in the country is worsening.