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1 August 2012 |

Individual infiltrates home security system to threaten journalist

Lydia Cacho said an unfamiliar voice came over her security system's speaker warning her "not to mess with us" or "we will send you home in little pieces."
31 July 2012 |

New attack on "El Norte" offices, third in 19 days

The authorities have done little to guarantee press freedom, as investigations into recent attacks have not advanced and no one has been detained.
26 July 2012 |

Crime journalist reported missing in Veracruz

Local journalists told CPJ that Miguel Morales Estrada's disappearance is heightening fear among the Veracruz press corps.
25 July 2012 |

Need for transparency on secret surveillance contracts

According to a July 16 press report, the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) - the body that oversees Mexico’s Army and Air Force - awarded five surveillance contracts from March 2011 - 2012, without opening them up to bid.
20 July 2012 |

Nuevo Día journalist gets death threats in Sonora

Hiram González Machi said that in previous break-ins the criminals had stolen valuable items. This time, however, nothing was taken; the only evidence was damage to his property and the threat "Reporter, you're going to die."
12 July 2012 |

Three media outlets attacked in 12 hours

In three separate incidents, the offices of the daily El Mañana, in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, as well as those of the El Norte newspaper's supplements La Silla and Linda Vista, in Nuevo León, were attacked with explosives and firearms.
6 July 2012 |

Journalist arrested, police accused of using excessive force

Sanjuana Martínez was detained at her home, reportedly in connection with a civil suit she is facing.
5 July 2012 |

Freedom of information should not be subsumed by partisan interests, says RSF, amidst electoral controversy

Right up to the eve of election day, the campaign was marked by numerous attacks on journalists and also on observers, bloggers and campaigners for electoral transparency such as members of the #YoSoy132 collective.
25 June 2012 |

Photographer reported missing in San Luis Potosi

Federico García Contreras, of the Mexico City daily El Punto Crítico, was last heard from on May 19 in Tanquian de Escobedo, a town near where rival drug cartels often clash.
15 June 2012 |

Fourth journalist killed in Veracruz in two months

Víctor Manuel Báez Chino was the editor of the crime section for the state digital edition of the national newspaper Milenio and an editor of the website Reporteros Policiacos, which also covers crime.
12 June 2012 |

Anti-press crime amendment offers hope for press

"We commend the passage of this landmark legislation to federalize crimes against freedom of expression as a first step to stop impunity in the killings of Mexican journalists," said CPJ.
11 June 2012 |

Crime reporter disappears in Saltillo, Coahuila

Journalist Stephania Cardoso has gone missing, along with her two year old son; Cardoso covers crime news for the newspapers Zócalo Saltillo and Calibre 57, in the state of Coahuila.
1 June 2012 |

Arrest of suspect in US cameraman's 2006 murder greeted with caution

Coming nearly six years after Will’s murder during a wave of unrest that was crushed violently by the Oaxaca state authorities, this new development has so far failed to dispel all the doubts and suspicion surrounding the case.
22 May 2012 |

Journalist Marcos Ávila García found dead in Sonora after being kidnapped

The body of Marcos Ávila García, a reporter for the newspaper "El Regional de Sonora", who was kidnapped on 17 May 2012 by armed men, was found on the afternoon of 18 May, metres from the highway that connects the municipalities of Guaymas and Empalme.
15 May 2012 |

IAPA condemns attack on El Mañana paper

IAPA today expressed outrage at an assault on Mexican newspaper El Mañana, whose plant, located in the city of Nuevo Laredo, in the northern state of Tamaulipas, was attacked on Friday by assailants shooting and hurling an unidentified type of explosive device.
4 May 2012 |

Three photojournalists found dead in Veracruz

The bodies of three photojournalists were found in a sewage canal in the municipality of Boca del Rio, less than a week after another Veracruz journalist was found dead.
30 April 2012 |

Yet another journalist murdered in Veracruz

The murder of Regina Martínez is the fifth in 17 months in the state since Javier Duarte assumed the governorship.
11 April 2012 |

Poet and translator murdered in Toluca

Guillermo Fernández García's murderers had bound his feet and hands before killing him with a blow to the head.
28 March 2012 |

Two media outlets attacked within a week

An unidentified assailant threw a grenade at the offices of television station Televisa in the city of Matamoros on Sunday, according to news reports.
22 March 2012 |

IAPA concerned over explosion outside "Expreso" newspaper in Tamaulipas

A car bomb exploded a short distance from the paper's offices, slightly injuring five people who were walking nearby and damaging several vehicles.

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