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15 August 2012 |

Moroccan journalist based in Spanish enclave receives death threats

Hamid Naïmi, a Moroccan journalist and opposition activist based in a Spanish enclave, is the target of death threats of presumed Moroccan origin.
18 June 2012 |

Blogger gets two years in jail on trumped-up charges

Mohamed Sokrate is well known for his defence of secularism and civil liberties as well as his criticism of the government. He was a member of the 20 February Youth Movement in 2011.
14 May 2012 |

Rapper sentenced to one year in prison for criticising police

Mouad Belghouat, better known as “al-Haqed”, has been in pretrial custody since March 29 because of his rap song “Kilab ed-Dowla” (Dogs of the State), which denounces police corruption, and a YouTube video set to the song.
2 April 2012 |

Rapper arrested for critical lyrics

In one of his songs, Megaz El Haked criticised the political situation in the country, which authorities considered a defamatory statement against public officials.
28 March 2012 |

Appeal court extends online critic's sentence

Walid Bahomane's sentence has been extended from one year to 18 months in prison, while Abdelsamad Haydour's sentence of three years' imprisonment was confirmed on appeal.
23 March 2012 |

Security forces crack down on peaceful protest

Beni Bouayach, one of the most poverty-stricken regions of the country, has been the site of regular demonstrations since the beginning of March, where protesters have called for equality and social justice in the face of what they deem to be exclusion practiced by the authorities.
29 February 2012 |

Student handed one year prison sentence for posting cartoon of the king on Facebook

Authorities also banned the distribution of the 26 February issue of "El País" on the grounds that it contained defamatory statements “attacking His Majesty’s image and the country’s institutions.”
21 February 2012 |

Authorities urged to drop prosecutions over vote boycott

Despite the government's denial of the arrests, at least two groups of activists face trial for distributing leaflets calling for a boycott of the elections.
15 February 2012 |

Activist sentenced for "insulting" the king

Abdul-Samad al-Haidour was sentenced to three years in prison and fined for critical comments he made in a video clip disseminated on YouTube.
13 February 2012 |

French magazine censored for publishing images from "Persepolis"

Morocco withstood pressure from Iranian authorities to ban the film in May 2008 and it was shown in the Meknes International Festival of Animated Film as well as the Casablance Film Festival in 2007.
29 December 2011 |

Journalist barred from his office

Radwan Hifani was denied access to his office due to his publicly-expressed solidarity with Rachid Nini, the imprisoned editor-in-chief of "el-Masaa" newspaper.
27 December 2011 |

Moroccan journalist expelled

The authorities have given no reason for the expulsion of Abdelhafiz al-Baqali, who has been working in the capital for two years.
25 November 2011 |

Police question over 100 people in advance of parliamentary vote

The rate of voter participation is being closely watched because it is seen as a gauge of public enthusiasm for the reforms that King Mohammed VI initiated during 2011.
25 October 2011 |

Appeal court upholds editor's prison sentence

On 24 October, an appeal court upheld Rachid Nini's one-year prison sentence and 1,000 dirham fine.
14 October 2011 |

ANHRI condemns attack on headquarters of newspaper

Thirty female protesters and children, backed by 3 figures known for their hostility to the 20 February movement, tried to storm the headquarters of the independent daily newspaper "Akhbar Al-Youm."
13 July 2011 |

Human rights provisions in revised Constitution should protect right to demonstrate, says Human Rights Watch

Since Moroccans began demonstrating in February to demand major political reforms, police have responded on several occasions with extreme brutality.
5 July 2011 |

Information minister has two Dubai TV journalists fired

Omar and Jalal Makhfi were fired on 21 June because the latter referred on the air to opposition calls for protests against the Moroccan referendum on a proposed constitutional reform.
13 June 2011 |

Casablanca court sentences newspaper editor to one year in prison

Rachid Nini, who has been detained since 28 April, was tried on charges of disinformation and attacking state institutions, public figures and the "security and integrity of the nation and citizens".
27 May 2011 |

Cultural television programme suspended

The decision to suspend the "Masharif" programme may be linked to the fact that a series about the political movement in Morocco and the 20th February Movement has been in the works.
8 April 2011 |

Authorities urged to restore accreditation to Al Jazeera

The decision to withhold media credentials appears to have been motivated by government displeasure with the news organisation's coverage of the Western Sahara conflict.

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