Myanmar: Government’s approach to ‘hate speech’ fundamentally flawed

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Protesters and journalists run as police fire tear gas while charging toward them during a demonstration against the military coup, Yangon, Myanmar, 27 February 2021, Santosh Krl/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Journalists arrested as protest crackdown intensifies in Myanmar

Media increasingly becoming target of police violence and arrests; more than a dozen journalists were arrested during the most violent crackdown on protesters in Myanmar.

Riot police move in on protesters during a demonstration against the military coup as a journalist looks on, in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, 17 February 2021, STR/AFP via Getty Images

At least 6 journalists detained in Myanmar as coup government cracks down on press

Since 11 February, security forces have detained at least six journalists in Myanmar as protests continue against the military government.

Protesters hold posters and flags during a march, in Yangon, Myanmar, 7 February 2021, a day after the military junta abruptly cut internet services and access to social media. Getty Images/Getty Images

Myanmar urged to scrap cyber security draft law and restore full internet connectivity

If enacted, the draft law would greatly extend the powers of military authorities to restrict and punish online expression.