“New York Times” hounded by Chinese censorship, expulsion and spying

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How China’s Huawei technology is being used to censor news halfway across the world

The Committee to Protect Journalists spoke to researchers who tracked the use of Huawei equipment known as middleboxes in the internet networks of 72 countries, 18 of which were using the devices to block news or other websites.

As Zhang Zhan’s health worsens in prison, China is urged to end her imprisonment

IFEX joins the Coalition for Women in Journalism and rights groups in urging the Chinese authorities to release Zhang Zhan immediately. The citizen journalist’s life is at risk and she is in urgent need of proper medical attention and treatment.

China: Foreign press group calls for full access to Beijing’s Winter Olympics

Foreign media groups urged Chinese authorities and the International Olympic Committee to improve international media access to Winter Olympic Games events and reporting guidelines.