Nigerian journalist shot and killed on first assignment

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Regulator orders shutdown of all telecoms service in Nigeria’s State of Zamfara

Media Rights Agenda condemns the Nigerian Communications Commission’s directive ordering a shutdown of all telecommunications services in Zamfara State, as this violates citizens’ right to freedom of expression.

Nigeria’s broadcasting regulator summons TV channel over interview critical of President Buhari

Once again private broadcaster Channels TV finds itself in trouble with Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission – this time for hosting an “inciting, divisive and unfair” interview.

A man carries a banner during a demonstration against bad governance and insecurity and a ban on the social media platform Twitter, at Ojota in Lagos, Nigeria, 12 June 2021, PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images

Nigerian regulator’s authority to police social media platforms legally challenged

Media Rights Agenda legally contests the National Broadcasting Commission’s power to determine whether a broadcasting station is patriotic or not.