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15 August 2012 |

Moroccan journalist based in Spanish enclave receives death threats

Hamid Naïmi, a Moroccan journalist and opposition activist based in a Spanish enclave, is the target of death threats of presumed Moroccan origin.
8 August 2012 |

Egyptian government announces new sanctions on satellite television channels

The government has put into place a punitive system that includes issuing warnings, notices, suspensions and the revoking of licenses from satellite television channels when deemed necessary.
24 July 2012 |

One worker killed, three injured during protest

Unknown individuals began shooting randomly into the crowd of protesting textile workers.
20 July 2012 |

University staff fired for participating in peaceful demonstration

The president of Akhbar El-Youm Academy, Ahmed Zaki Badr, fired six employees for having participated in a demonstration calling for his dismissal.
17 July 2012 |

Two TV journalists freed after negotiations

The intense negotiations for their release involved the National Transitional Council, the prime minister and many tribal elders.
16 July 2012 |

Interior Ministry urged to reverse decision restricting right to peaceful demonstrations

Libyan citizens and organisations were instructed that they may not hold or participate in a demonstration without prior permission from the ministry.
16 July 2012 |

State-run media threatened by Shura move, says CPJ

The Shura Council has announced it will be making the final selection for new editor-in-chiefs of state-run publications, following consideration by a 14-member committee that includes journalists and communications professors.
13 July 2012 |

Journalist convicted, another sentenced to prison for libel

Fatma-Zohra Amara was previously sentenced to two months in prison for libel, but had the sentence reduced to a fine on appeal.
12 July 2012 |

Activists given prison sentences following Suez protests

Mohamed Gharib was sentenced to three years' imprisonment while seven other activists were given six months each.
10 July 2012 |

Two TV cameramen abducted and held in Bani Walid

Abdelqader Fosouk and Youssuf Badi were reportedly kidnapped at around 5 p.m., as they were about to leave Bani Walid and return to Misrata in order to vote there before the polling stations closed.
5 July 2012 |

ANHRI condemns ruling against filmmaker, his assistant

Ashraf Nabil and Ahmed Helmy were fined and given six-month suspended prison sentences after attempting to produce a documentary about election bribery.
28 June 2012 |

Amid violence and fundamentalist pressure, hopes fade for new media laws

The reform movement that began after the revolution has ground to a halt.
27 June 2012 |

Administrative Court revokes decree enabling military intelligence, military police to arrest civilians

The decision followed an appeal submitted by five human rights NGOs on 14 June against the head of the SCAF, the minister of justice, the minister of defense, the public prosecutor, the chief of military justice, and the military prosecutor, in their respective capacities.
22 June 2012 |

Four human rights activists detained

The activists were detained on charges of peaceful assembly, when calling for the release of another detained activist, Abdel-Qader Kharba.
21 June 2012 |

Journalist sentenced to two months in prison

The court penalized Manseur Si Mohamed for publishing an article critical of the Council of State.
18 June 2012 |

Rights organisations condemn minister's decree

The Ministry of Justice grants both commissioned and non-commissioned officers from military intelligence and the military police judicial powers of arrest in cases of crimes committed by civilians – over whom the military should have no legal jurisdiction.
18 June 2012 |

Law restricting speech ruled unconstitutional

The presiding Judge declared a law that criminalised a variety of political speech unconstitutional, but added that the decision did not affect other pre-existing restrictions on speech, such as insulting Islam.
18 June 2012 |

Blogger gets two years in jail on trumped-up charges

Mohamed Sokrate is well known for his defence of secularism and civil liberties as well as his criticism of the government. He was a member of the 20 February Youth Movement in 2011.
15 June 2012 |

Journalist fined for alleged slander

Hanan Youssef was fined 10000 Egyptian pounds for allegedly slandering the former editor-in-chief of a government-funded newspaper.
5 June 2012 |

Freedom House welcomes end of Emergency Law

While the lapse of the Emergency Law is a step in the right direction, Freedom House urges all political forces in Egypt to take steps to ensure that no such measures can be imposed again.

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