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3 May 2012 |

CPJ co-presents "The Silenced: Fighting for Press Freedom in Mexico"

CPJ, CAFOD and The Guardian have developed ‘The Silenced: Fighting for Press Freedom in Mexico’, a photo exhibition that will mark the courage and determination of ‘The Silenced’ and those who continue to fight to tell the truth about the Latin American drug cartels, despite the risks.
20 March 2012 |

ARTICLE 19 releases report on press entitled "Forced Silence"

The report revealed increases in attacks on journalists in 2011, showing that the authorities are still not doing their job.
2 November 2011 |

Domestic reality does not match bold words on Internet free expression, says RSF

Although the government has defended Iranian bloggers, Chinese activists and Arab Spring netizens, it has also been responsible for initiatives that have harmed online free speech and has displayed a hostile attitude to online activities.
23 September 2011 |

Prosecution and violence against Twitter users must stop, says ARTICLE 19

The climate of fear and distrust prevalent in the country has led many citizens to become increasingly reliant on social media as a source of news.
8 June 2011 |

Human rights groups expose government's complicity in violence against journalists

The government's repeated failure to protect the human rights of journalists, its complicity in a number of rights violations against them, and the web of laws that limit free expression and effectively gag journalists who seek to expose government corruption are examined in the report.
13 May 2011 |

CJFE's review of free expression 2010/2011

CJFE's review of free expression 2010/2011 For the second year in a row, the Harper government has received a failing grade from CJFE in its Report Card on the state of freedom of expression in Canada.
4 May 2011 |

ARTICLE 19/CENCOS 2010 report: "Violence and Press Freedom in Mexico: Still in the Line of Fire"

The report highlights yet again an appalling level of violence and attacks perpetrated against journalists and media workers over 2010, along with a marked increase in self-censorship on the part of journalists and editors.
13 September 2010 |

"Silence or death in Mexico's press", a CPJ special report

CPJ reveals how drug-fueled crime, violence and corruption have devastated the country's press corps and destroyed citizens' rights to freedom of expression and access to information.
30 April 2010 |

ARTICLE 19 releases access to information index

Using a unique methodology, the index tests the efficacy of access to information laws across 32 Mexican states.
18 February 2010 |

Between violence and indifference - Report on attacks against freedom of expression in Mexico in 2009

The government should do more to protect journalists and media workers who are under threat of widespread abuse, ARTICLE 19 and CENCOS say in their new report.
30 October 2009 |

Third Quarterly Report on agressions against freedom of expression

The report covers the period from July to September 2009 and shows some worrying trends that suggest the situation of freedom of expression continues to deteriorate in the country.
30 September 2009 |

Escalating security offensive to blame for rising attacks on the media, says RSF report

In the report's conclusions, RSF calls for a complete overhaul of the judicial system and major legislative changes concerning the press.
29 June 2009 |

CPJ Special Report: Reporting, and Surviving, in Ciudad Juárez

In a special report, CPJ’s Mike O’Connor examines the grave dangers in reporting the news in Ciudad Juárez.
22 January 2009 |

World Report 2009: Mexico

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