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20 July 2012 |

Six more activists sentenced to prison terms, fined

Photographers Muhamed El-Habsi, Abdullah-El-Erimiand Abdul-bin-Salem El-Siabi were sentenced to one year imprisonment for insulting the Sultan and violating the information law.
12 July 2012 |

Activists handed prison sentences for participating in peaceful demonstration

The activists were given sentences ranging from six months to one year for participating in a sit-in in solidarity with other detained activists.
13 June 2012 |

Protesters arrested following public prosecutor's threat to stop "incitement"

Arrests since the end of May include 22 peaceful protesters and nine online activists and writers amid rising discontent in the Persian Gulf sultanate over its perceived failure to carry out promised reforms.
31 May 2012 |

Three members of Omani Group for Human Rights detained

Habiba Hana'ei published a testimony of prison conditions endured by prisoners of conscience in the country, including systematic torture.
6 April 2012 |

Omani blogger threatened with deportation

Ammar Ma’amari, a blogger known for his criticism of the Omani authorities, has been asked by the Jordanian intelligence service to pack his bags in anticipation of a deportation order.
16 February 2012 |

Union activist detained

ANHRI demands the release of Mohamed al-Salty, an advocate for labour rights and democratic reforms who was recently abducted by the security services.
14 February 2012 |

Blogger detained following blog entry critical of Sultan Qaboos' reign

Muawiya al-Rawahy was arrested after he published his blog entry "Finally, I am free," where he expressed disappointment in the situation in his country and his lack of confidence in the reign of Sultan Qaboos.
2 January 2012 |

Five-month jail terms for two journalists and their source confirmed on appeal

The case against Yousef Al-Haj, Ibrahim Al-Mo’amari and Haroun Saeed was prompted by a 14 May article that quoted Saeed's allegations of growing corruption within the ministry and favouritism in appointments and promotions.
23 September 2011 |

ANHRI condemns suspension of "Al Zaman", imprisonment of its editorial team

Ibrahim Al Moamari and Yusuf Al Haj were convicted fpr publishing a grievance from an employee at the Ministry of Justice.
21 September 2011 |

Two activists detained after participating in peaceful protest

ANHRI was informed that Ammar Al-Hanai and Ibrahim Al-Balushi have been tortured and kept in solitary confinement; their health is deteriorating as a result.
15 August 2011 |

Newspaper threatened with closure for exposing judiciary corruption

The Sultanate of Oman is threatening to shut down the independent newspaper Al-Zaman for publishing an article alleging corruption in the Ministry of Justice; the article's author, Youssef al-Haj, could face prison time if convicted.
7 April 2011 |

Three poets detained amid crackdown on protesters

Poets Saleh elAmeri, Ali elMakhmari and Ahmed alShehhi were detained along with several activists and journalists and are being held in an undisclosed location.
3 March 2011 |

Authorities urged to investigate use of force in quelling demonstration

"Omani citizens should be able to peacefully assemble and petition their government for positive change," Human Rights Watch said.
1 April 2010 |

Government seizes books at international book fair

"The continued monitoring, controlling and confiscating of books will only result in the Omani government being criticised for its hostility to freedom of expression," said ANHRI.
9 March 2009 |

Journalist Ali al-Zwaidi on trial, facing possible year-long prison sentence for publication of article on corruption

(ANHRI/IFEX) - The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has expressed great concern over the trial of the Omani journalist and internet activist Ali al-Zwaidi who allegedly violated article 61 of the Omani communications law. The crime carries a sentence of up to a year in prison and a fine of one thousand Omani riyals (approx. US$2,600).
20 July 2005 |

Playwright detained incommunicado; journalist and former MP sentenced to 18 months in prison for "insulting public officials"

(Human Rights Watch/IFEX) - The following is an 18 July 2005 Human Rights Watch press release:
15 July 2005 |

Poet and journalist Abdallah Al-Ryami jailed for criticising human rights violations

(RSF/IFEX) - RSF has condemned the 12 July 2005 arrest of poet and journalist Abdallah Al-Ryami for criticising human rights violations in Oman and deplored the strict censorship of writers and journalists by Omani authorities in the past few months.
25 November 2004 |

Media outlets ordered to blacklist two writers

(RSF/IFEX) - RSF has condemned the Sultanate of Oman for barring the media from giving space in publications or airtime to two writers and intellectuals, Mohammed Al Harthi and Abdallah Al Ryami, for the past five months. The organisation called for the writers to be allowed to be interviewed freely again.

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