Open Letter Calling for the Release of WikiLeaks Publisher Julian Assange

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Rights groups urge UK Home Secretary to reject Assange extradition

“We ask you, Home Secretary, to honour the UK government’s commitment to protecting and promoting media freedom and reject the US extradition request. We ask you to release Mr Assange from Belmarsh prison and allow him to return to his young family after many years of isolation.”

US and UK governments turn a blind eye to Bahrain’s dismal human rights record

So long as the US and UK governments are content to ignore the torture, unfair trials, and killing of protesters and government critics, Bahrain’s monarchy will feel at ease to continue its policy of systematic repression.

Sixteen organisations reiterate their support for Carole Cadwalladr as she faces SLAPP trial

“When this lawsuit was filed more than two years ago, several organisations came together to call this legal action out as a SLAPP, aimed at intimidating and silencing Cadwalladr. We today reaffirm this characterisation and unreservedly reiterate our support for Cadwalladr as she continues to defend her public interest work,” the organisations, including IFEX, said.