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3 May 2012 |

World Press Freedom Day: an occasion to defend freedom of expression

For Palestinian journalists, the day highlights the daily challenges they face, with increasing violations against media freedoms by the Israeli forces and Palestinian parties in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
8 March 2012 |

MADA calls for an end to all forms of discrimination against women journalists

To mark the occasion of International Women’s Day, MADA congratulates Palestinian women and women around the globe, especially journalists, on their accomplishments in all professional fields.
15 December 2011 |

MADA, Palestinian journalists meet with UN free expression rapporteur

A MADA representative stressed the need for urgent international intervention to end violations against journalists and media institutions.
23 November 2011 |

MADA and DCAF sign partnership agreement on access to information rights

The project's goal is to increase journalists' awareness of their rights and to push for the adoption of laws protecting access to information.
30 August 2011 |

Israeli and Palestinian journalists forum calls for press freedom ahead of possible UN recognition of Palestine

In a joint open letter, the forum stated that journalists must be kept safe so that the public in Israel and the Palestinian Territories have access to news from all sides, and to a wide array of political opinion.
9 August 2011 |

MADA launches campaigns calling for end to attacks on press freedom

MADA launches campaigns calling for end to attacks on press freedom Campaigns launched by MADA call for a halt to Israeli attacks on press freedom, as well as an end to the influence Palestinian internal political divisions have on the media.
30 June 2011 |

MADA holds workshops on freedom of expression legislation in Tulkarem and Jabalia

The workshops, which have been offered with the support of Foundation for the Future, come as part of a series of sessions held by MADA to inform and assist journalists in the various cities across the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
3 May 2011 |

MADA announces free expression award recipients

During a ceremony marking Word Press Freedom Day, MADA's chairman highlighted the major violations committed against journalists in 2010.
16 March 2011 |

MADA hosts two free expression workshops in Gaza

The first workshop, "Freedom of Expression in Local and International Legislation", was part of a series aimed at raising journalists' awareness of the laws relating to their work and guaranteeing them the right to free expression.
28 February 2011 |

MADA hosts workshop aimed at enhancing lawyers' ability to handle cases involving freedom of expression

The workshop was held as part of MADA's programme designed to enhance freedom of expression, in cooperation with the lawyers' syndicate, and funded by the UNESCO office in Ramallah.
17 February 2011 |

NGOs form coalition to defend freedom of expression

Brought together by MADA, the participating organisations agreed to form a coalition after holding a number of preliminary meetings in Ramallah and Gaza in early 2011.
10 December 2010 |

On the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, MADA calls for respect for freedom of expression

According to MADA's monitoring, the number of media freedom violations in 2010 year will be more than 200.
17 September 2010 |

IFJ mission starts visit with meetings in Ramallah and Nablus

The aim of the mission is to investigate the continuing consequences of the Israeli occupation on the work of journalists and media workers and its impact on their safety, IFJ said.
11 August 2010 |

Crisis of local television and radio stations discussed at MADA consultative meeting

MADA director Mousa Rimawi talked about the important role of local media in calling for reconciliation, tolerance and dialogue.
8 July 2010 |

MADA holds workshop on "Freedom of Expression in International and Palestinian Legislation"

The workshop is part of a series that will be convened in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as part of a project on defending journalists' rights in Palestine.
25 June 2010 |

Exposing free expression violations is key to combating them, stress participants at MADA workshop

Participants at a consultative meeting hosted by MADA discussed the media freedom situation in Palestine.
3 May 2010 |

Journalists pay a high price for freedom of expression, says MADA

Violations to freedom of expression are a daily occurrence for journalists in the West Bank and Gaza.
15 December 2009 |

On Human Rights Day, MADA calls on international community to speak out against attacks on Palestinian journalists

At a time when the world celebrates the 61st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Palestinian journalists continue to be victims of various attacks.
13 November 2009 |

Norwegian PEN to honour Palestinian journalist on Day of the Imprisoned Writer

Norwegian PEN's Ossietzky-prize for "outstanding achievements within the field of free expression" will be awarded to Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer during the commemoration of the Day of the Imprisoned Writer.

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