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Journalist Félix Haro Rodríguez was found dead on 4 June in Peru, report the Institute for Press and Society (IPYS) and Reporters sans frontières (RSF). Haro Rodríguez was a professional photographer and host of "Recuerdos de los Andes", a programme featuring traditional music, which was broadcast on Radio 1160's affiliate in Aucayacu (north of Lima.) The journalist was attacked with machetes and his body dismembered in a manner "reminiscent of the method used by the Shining Path," says IPYS. Haro Rodríguez was last seen alive on 2 June after several unknown persons came to his home under the pretense of hiring him to take photographs at a social gathering. His body was discovered in Cotomonillo, three kilometers from Aucayacu, where six villagers had recently been assassinated by a brigade of the Shining Path.

Although his radio programme featured traditional music, Haro Rodríguez used the forum to inform his listeners about regional issues. He denounced terrorist violence and corruption among political authorities, police, the military and drugtraffickers. IPYS adds, "Due to his comments on narcotraffickers, the possibility that they were responsible for the murder should not be discounted." According to RSF, there is, however, some information that the journalist's murder may have been linked to his personal life.

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