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Journalist killed

(IFJ/IFEX) - The following is a 6 July 2000 National Association of Peruvian Journalists (Asociacion Nacional de Periodistas del Perú, ANP) press release, being distributed by the Human Rights section for Latin America of the IFJ:


The National Association of Peruvian Journalists (Asociacion Nacional de Periodistas del Perú, ANP) is deeply concerned over the assassination of journalist Luis Baltazar Caviedes Nuñez de la Torre, in Cuzco, and as such:

- Condemns the assassination of the founder of the ANP-Quillabamba branch in Cuzco, Luis Baltazar Caviedes Nuñez de la Torre, who worked for the Sur Oriente and Frecuencia Integral in Quillabamba-Cuzco radio stations. He was found unconscious on Sunday 2 July at 7:00 p.m. on the banks of the Chuyapi river, suffering from bruises and injuries to the right side of his head and right eye, and was taken to the Quillabamba hospital by the police.

- Calls for a serious and thorough investigation, that will shed light on this tragic incident, which appears to have been a revenge attack rather than a robbery, as the journalist was found with all his papers and a knapsack containing his belongings. Furthermore, the association asks that unconfirmed reports stating that on Saturday 1 July the journalist was seen at the office of the local police commissioner where he had gone for a personal matter, be taken into account.

- Asks that the author or authors of this attack be severely punished, according to the law.

- Condemns the silence of the police and of the office of the public prosecutor, who thus far have refused to provide any information on the case to the journalist’s family or to journalists.

- Expresses its support for the journalist’s family - his widow, Inés Cabrejos, and three young children.

- Announces that an ANP delegation, led by its president, Roberto Mejía Alarcon, departed for Cuzco this morning, to meet with the journalist’s family and members of ANP-Cuzco, demand that an investigation be undertaken, and insist that the authorities take the appropriate legal action and ensure that journalists can safely carry out their work.

Lima, 6 July 2000


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