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IACHR reiterates need for precautionary measures in support of Delgado Parker

(IPYS/IFEX) - In a 2 November 2000 official statement, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) repeated its call to Alberto Fujimori's government to take precautionary measures in support of businessman Genaro Delgado Parker, so that the businessman will again be granted the authority to administer the Red Global - Canal 13 television company.

"The IACHR, acting in accordance with Article 29 (2) of its bylaws, has decided to reiterate its call for precautionary measures first requested of the Peruvian state on 10 March 2000, to ensure that the rights of Mr. Delgado Parker will be protected", outlines the IACHR document.

The IACHR considered it necessary to reiterate its call as, to date, the precautionary measures have not been set into place. In its original request, the IACHR had set six months as the timeline for implementation of its recommendations.

It should also be noted that during a roundtable dialogue held at the Organization of American States (OEA) at its Friday 27 October session, mechanisms which will once again grant Delgado Parker authority over the television company were approved.

The IACHR has called for all necessary measures to be taken to ensure that Delgado Parker is once again granted the authority to administer Canal 13. It has also called for the setting of rules to ensure that Radio 1160's transmitters and other equipment necessary for the station to immediately reinitiate its regular broadcasting activity will be returned to the broadcaster.

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