“Perversity”, “depravity” and “an arrogant culture of impunity”

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Malta: Rights groups support ‘The Shift News’ in its freedom of information battle with the government

‘The Shift News’ faces an all-out legal battle against 40 freedom of information lawsuits brought by 40 government entities in Malta. These appeal lawsuits pose a serious threat to the country’s already worrying freedom of information and press freedom climate, and should be dropped.

BAJ: Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of any democratic society

Since the presidential election of 9 August 2020, Belarusian media have faced unprecedented pressure including the tightening of legal regulations, the recognition of many independent media outlets as “extremist organisations” and their publications as “extremist materials,” the restriction of access to independent media websites, and the mass arrest and detention of journalists.

Greece: Abusive lawsuits against journalists follow illegal surveillance revelations

The prime minister’s close adviser (and nephew) has launched a lawsuit against two media outlets over articles concerning alleged illegal surveillance of the press by the government. Journalist Thanasis Koukakis, a target of this surveillance, is also being sued for tweeting about the articles’ revelations.