Physically handicapped Cameroonian journalist denied freedom

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A man waves a Cameroonian national flag in front of French riot policemen during a demonstration against Cameroon's President Paul Biya, near the embassy of Cameroon in Paris, France, 22 September 2020, -/AFP via Getty Images

Cameroonian authorities’ case against Amadou Vamoulké hinges on discredited witness

In a classic case of lawfare, Cameroonian state broadcast journalist Amadou Vamoulké endures the adjournment of his trial for the 74th time.

A logging truck transporting timber to the coast, SE Cameroon, 17 June 2008, Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Cameroonian journalist Nestor Nga Etoga’s case drags on

In yet another case of delayed justice, journalist Nestor Nga Etoga appeared in court for the 94th time to face a 2016 lawsuit brought by a private logging company accusing him of defamation and extortion.

Men who are under arrest are seen at the military court in Yaoundé, Cameroon, 14 December 2018, STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images

Urgent release sought for 71-year-old Cameroonian journalist Amadou Vamoulké

Arbitrarily jailed for 5 years and struggling with chronic ailments, 71-year-old Cameroonian journalist Amadou Vamoulké writes an open letter to influential justice minister Laurent Esso seeking his release.